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Archive for September, 2008

Episode 17

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 17
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We’re back after taking a break to resolve the financial crisis, we were unsuccessful. This week we discuss the use of the offensive words in intelligent conversation The wonder of the Glass-Steagall repeal, and The pasadena police visit to make sure no one was murdered during the record.

Episode 16

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 16
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This week we discuss Todd and Jimmy’s weekend in Temecula, last week’s Doug Benson Interruption, and Jimmy gets fired up reading a politically charged letter to a friend, then the show takes an odd turn when Jimmy spills a Margarita on his laptop and Todd takes over while we dry it off.

Episode 15

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 15

Jimmy, Todd and Stef discuss the RNC and DNC, specifically the choice of Sarah Palin as VP candidate. Todd tells us all about his Las Vegas run in with the new lead singer of Journey and much more on this episode of Comedy and Everything Else…

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Episode 14 with Paul F. Tompkins!

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 14

Paul F Tompkins joins us this week to discuss everything from comedy clubs that don’t get it right, to the Democratic National Convention. Also covered are thoughts on religion, and peoples comments on MySpace. Oh and we go on a trip down memory lane to Todd and Paul’s early days of comedy in Philadelphia, this week on Comedy and Everything Else…

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