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Archive for February, 2009

Episode 33

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 33

President Obama presents his plan to Congress. Jimmy and Todd do Steve Agee’s birthday show at Largo and Stef gives us Stef Notes on Suzie Orman’s book. And stay tuned for the return of the After Show.

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Episode 32

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 32
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This week, we guess how old Charo is, discuss Jimmy’s and Todd’s respective weekends performing, and Stef wants you all to read Chapters
1 and 2 of Susie Orman’s book…

Episode 31 with Jim Gaffigan!

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 31
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Jim Gaffigan drops in to pale things up a bit. We talk about stand-up the early days. And Jimmy has some words for those folks thinking less of Michael Phelps.

Episode 30 with Jimmy Pardo!

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 30

Jimmy Pardo from Never Not Funny, stops buy to talk a lot of comedy. Stories from the old days and a little of everything else.

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