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Archive for March, 2009

Episode 37 the return of Paul F Tompkins

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 37

Paul F Tompkins returns! Jimmy’s the leader. Twitter is explained to Jimmy. We wonder if it’s OK for your therapist to fall asleep… In the middle of your session. Todd also begs for an intern. Don’t miss Best Week Ever with Paul F Tompkins returning Friday April 10th on VH1.

essay about health

Jimmy Dore and Paul F Thompkins (l-r) enjoying some wine.

Episode 36

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 36
essays on the great gatsby

Glen Beck cries… A lot. Todd throws Cell Phones, Stef wants us to know who’s birthday it is and Jimmy tries to figure out why Bill O’Reilly is the voice of reason again!! and Matthew draws noses.

Episode 35

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 35
essay writing for dummies

Health care is still broken, Todd has an idea for an Airline commercial. Stef Notes are back with chapter 3, and Jimmy can’t stand Sean Hannity.

Episode 34

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 34

Jimmy talks about his weekend in Cincinnati, Todd talks about CDR. Stef shares a Suess poem, and we want to know what the hell is wrong with Glen Beck.

george orwell essays