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Archive for June, 2009

Episode 49

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 49
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Jimmy and Todd discuss the finer points of divorce, Megan McCain gets wasn’t born yet so why should she care, and we have a visit from the “Promise Keepers”

Episode 48 with Patton Oswalt!

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 48
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Patton Oswalt drops in to get philosophical about comedy with the gang, in a good way. And we name him the Dali Lama of Comedy because of it.

Episode 47 with Chris Hardwick!

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 47
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Chris Hardwick stops by in his downtime from Web Soup to talk about everything from the iPhone 3GS to Sarah Palin and David Letterman.

The Best Of… the last year

The Best Of...
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Special Best of Comedy and Everything else… Featuring our favorite bits from the last year.

Episode 46

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 46

Jimmy debates someone over Torture on Facebook, Todd has a party and

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the Grilled Cheese lady forgets can’t make it…. Or can she? Stef has
some important advice about those bills, and Todd still thinks Role
Models is hilarious.