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Archive for July, 2009

Episode 54

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 54

Jimmy wants you to know Glenn Beck is an idiot. Todd responds to an intern, Jimmy Carter makes some sense and Lou Dobbs loves alliteration.

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:

Episode 53

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 53

Stef tells us a tale of a trip to Starbucks gone creepy. Jimmy thinks you don’t like political comedy, but rather that you don’t like certain comedians. Todd saw Bruno and wants you to as well.

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Episode 52

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 52
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Jimmy’s dad thinks he can be funny without the swearing. We understand why celebrities wear sunglasses and we get to hear what its like when you call your healthcare denier.

Episode 51 with David Feldman

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 51

Comedy Writer David Feldman (The Daily Show, Dennis Miller Live, and Bill Maher) joins us to discus the fact that Sarah Palin is no longer the Governor of Alaska, and Michael Jackson is still dead.

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Episode 50

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 50
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Lot’s of celebrities died this week and we say goodbye. And the governor of SC goes all the way to Buenos Aires to hit that.