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They Jimmy Dore Show Aug. 25th, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 25,2011

This week:
  • The Conservative Bible Project: Rewriting the Bible to get rid of the LIberal bias.
  • Bill Donohue is angry at the Atheists and can’t wait for god to get them.
  • Abstinence only spokesman Rep. David Souter , apologizes for cheating on his wife with another abstinence advocate.
  • “Tuesdays with Moron”: Moron takes Therese to a movie
  • David Feldman gets in a few hilarious jabs at the anti-medicine christians.

Comedy & Everything Else ep#155 Bill Burr

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 155 Bill Burr

Bill Burr tells us what’s wrong with EVERYTHING!

The Jimmy Dore Show Aug. 18, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 18,2011

This week: Best of “Oh My God”!

Jimmy is on vacation, but he loves you so much that he still took time to put together  this special “best of” the “Oh My God” segment for you.

Comedy & Everything Else ep #154 with Rory Scoval and Paul Morrisey

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 154

ABC 7 almost reports the news.

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Yet another fine example of journalism at its best. Here is local abc 7 news on the night of the debt ceiling deal, they spend :30 seconds on it so they could make time for ……. well, get ready.

CNN: Aren’t the poor really to blame for this economy?

Here is another example of the kind of journalistic standards they have over at CNN. The question Carol Cambell asks her audience is enough to make your head fly off, which is why Cornell West has that thing on his neck, to keep his head attached during CNN interviews.

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