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The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 4th, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show Aug 4,2011

This Week:

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With Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin

Comedy & Everything Else Ep #152 with Steve Mazan and Todd Glass

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 152

This week:
  • Todd Glass calls in to invite you to his HOUR SPECIAL taping!
  • Steve Mazan had a dream of performing on Letterman
  • Does having cancer mean it’s  too late to achieve your dreams?
  • He was told by the Executive Producer that it was IMPOSSIBLE for him to do Letterman
  • He was told everything he did was wrong for the show
  • He didn’t listen, didn’t take no for an answer, and broke all the rules
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  • Does he do Letterman? Listen and find out!