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Bill O’Reilly drunk dialed the Jimmy Dore show

cause and effect essay on divorce

The Jimmy Dore Show sept 8, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show sept 8, 2011

This Week:

With Frank Conniff, Mike MaCrae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield and the comedy stylings of Robert Yasumura and Jim Earl.

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Gov. Rick Perry leaves us a message.

Pat Robertson says earthquake is sign from God. Jimmy Dore show the “Oh My God” segment 9-1-11

Funny how we haven’t heard Pat Robertson or Michele Bachmann say anything about God causing the wildfires in Texas? Gosh, they didn’t, I can’t imagine why….could it be that Texas is a “God Fearing” state, as opposed to New England, or New York? To be clear: When bad things happen in red states, it’s because God moves in mysterious ways; when bad things happen in blue states it’s because we need to deregulate everything and God hates fags.

Comedy & Everything Else Ep # 156 Henry Philips Mike MaCrae

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 156 Henry Philips

Mike Macrae, Jimmy, Henry Philips

This Week: The star of the movie “Punching The Clown”, winner of the audience award at the Slamdance film festival