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The Jimmy Dore Show nov 24, 2011 UC Davis episode

The Jimmy Dore Show nov 24, 2011

This Week:

UC Davis police protect themselves from students who were threatening them by  sitting down peacefully.

UC Davis information officer cant answer a single question! So we call him back 3 times.

Herman Cain calls in to explain his “I’m  leader not a Reader” comment.”

RIp Torn, Mitt Romney, John Boehner call in to tell us what they are Thankful for!

Jim HIghtower thoughts on OWS

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With Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield,Paul Gilmartin, Jim Hightower

The Jimmy Dore Show 11-17-11

The Jimmy Dore Show nov 17, 2011
This Week:
  • What happens when middle class people elect a Billionaire as their Mayor?  They get the best screwing that money can buy.  Billionaire Bloomberg assaults the citizens of NY by using the brutality of brain dead police who are willing  tools of the 1%.
  • Even Gordon Gecko has had a belly full of the greed of the 1%. He calls in to lend a little perspective that only a fictional character can.Bill
  • Oreilley has written a new book about Pres. Lincoln that is has even more factual errors than his nightly show, and that has caused some problems for the aging enemy of the people not used to smart people reading and reviewing his work.
  • Herman Cain calls in to explain his Libya Gaff and ends up making a Milwaukee gaff.
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With Frank Conniff, Mike Macrae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield, Jim Hightower

Comedy & Everything Else ep #161 Allan Havey

Comedy and Everything Else Episode #161 Alan Havey

This week:

Allan Havey has  had the kind of career most comedians dream about.  He got the Brass Ring back in 1986 when he made his first of many appearances on David Letterman, with his most recent spot coming last october!   He was the host of his own show, “Night After Night” on Comedy Central for three years, starred in  multiple HBO stand-up specials, and has become a very busy actor , showing up in films like “The Informant“, “Rounders“, and “Comedian“.

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If that weren’t enough, in 2006 Allan was also the lead in the Fox  series “Free Ride” along with acting on such shows as “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Sienfeld“, and “Punk’d“.

Allan has hilarious and amazing stories to tell, but the advice he gives for  comedians and actors  and for living life in general may be the best we’ve heard on CAEE! Enjoy Allan Havey.

Comedy & Evertything Else ep. #160 Comics go to Occupy Wallstreet.

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Comedy and Everything Else Episode #160 Ted Alexandro, Eddie Pepitone, Paul Gilmartin

This Week:

We get three different perspectives on  Occupy Wall Street from there hilarious guys who’ve been there.

The Jimmy Dore Show 11-10-11

The Jimmy Dore Show nov 10, 2011

  • Bill Oreilley calls in to tell us to lay off Stossel.
  • Tony Perkins, famous christian, hates the gays as much as terrorists.
  • With Frank Conniff, Jim Earl, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Steve Rosenfield.

    The Jimmy Dore Show 11-3-11

    The Jimmy Dore Show nov 3, 2011

    This Week:

    With Paul Gilmartin, Jim Earl, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura,

    Rick Perry explains how "pills" work.

    Bill Oreilley drunk dials us again, and again.

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