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Comedy & Everything Else ep # 164 Jonathan Corbett Adam Spiegelman

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #164

Adam Spiegelman and Jonathan Corbett

I listened to the new podcast game show “Dream Tweet” hosted by Jonathan Corbett and produced by Adam Spiegelman, and I immediately asked them to come on the show and play a game with us.

Jonathan Corbett is one of the funniest guys I know, quick witted and always on point, you will get a full dose as he deals with two of the worst Dream Tweet players yet–Stef and me.

Plus Jesse Ventura has been absent from the Republican primaries and he calls in to let us know why, and threatens to kill half the Republican presidential  candidates. Special thanks to the multi-talented James Adomian for providing the voice of Jesse Ventura, it is truly amazing.  And  special thanks to TV’s Frank Conniff for writing such a hilarious phone call!!

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The Jimmy Dore Show 12-29-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 29, 2011

This week:

2011 Year in Review!

First we read from the Ron Paul newsletter! The media is SMEARING Ron Paul by accurately quoting  articles from the Ron Paul Newsletter. Have they no shame?

Chris Christie , the fattest guy in the state, tells workers to tighten their belts.  Plus he  takes a vacation during a state  snow emergency and calls us to complain about it.

Bill Oreilley doesn’t know why the tide comes in at night  and he is very, very loud about it.  He is also  outraged about our coverage of the Japan Tsunami and calls in to let us know

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ARNOLD Schwartzenegger groped a woman so hard– that IT MADE A BABY! and he calls in to respond to his love child crisis.

Democratic Strategist Pete D’Aelessnadro fills us in on the IOWA Caucuses and the crazy way to choose a candidate.

Sarah Palin talks about the real victims of the Gabby Giffords shooting- her and Glenn Beck.

Henry Phillips treats us to a song about screwing things up!

Featuring: Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Ben Zelevansky, Stef Zamorano

Jesse Ventura calls in and threatens to kill republican field.

Jesse Ventura explains why he’s not in the republican debates and threatens to kill MItt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and to take Michelle Backman from behind.

The amazing James Adomian is the voice and was co-written by resident genius Frank Conniff and video edited by the inimitable Frank Pulaski.

The Jimmy Dore Show 12-22-2011

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 22, 2011

This Week:

Jesse Ventura calls in to let us know why he’s not running for president, and what he’s doing in Mexico.

Jim Earl reads from his new book “Mourning Remembrances”, funny obituaries of real dead people. Todays show includes the obituaries of Kim Jong Il, the guy who invented Dorito’s and a Manson family member Susan Atkins.

Occupy Santa’s lap: a hilarious sketch about three grown men who go to see santa at the mall and end up taking of their clothes and getting pepper sprayed.

CHristine Odonnel is in the “Oh My God” segment along with Herman Cain and  a jackass that blames the Gulf Oil spill on the environmentalists!

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with Frank Conniff, James Adomian, Jim Earl, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin and special appearances from Paul Kozlowski and Eddie Pepitone.

Jesse Ventura

"Mourning Remembrance" by Jim Earl

Episode # 163 Lee Camp, Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank!

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #163 Lee Camp

This Week we talk about how emotional Jimmy gets when he sees peaceful college students l getting brutalized by  police officers. Police officers that are also in a union.

And he gives the UC Davis police department a phone call. Okay, maybe not the smartest move, but it makes for a dramatic show, and we get to hear the phone call!

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Lee Camp

Lee Camp, hilarious comedian and ballsy Fox News guest, talks with us about talking about stuff in your comedy act,  and what its like to call Fox News a sham while actually on Fox News.

Plus Mitt Romney calls in to explain that his $10,000 bet doesn’t mean he’s not a regular person.

And the second installment of “Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank”!

Featuring the amazing voices of  Mike MacRae .

The Jimmy Dore Show 12-15-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 15, 2011
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This week:

Jerry Sandusky has a GREAT LAWYER, and he lets Jerry talk to us on the phone, and he lets us know he is really atrracted to boys …but not in a Sexual way, no, not in a sexual way.

Rip Torn is back with another “Hollywood Drunk Tank”! He’s  pissed off at who is getting a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame this week, and he wants Lindsey Lohann to show a little more skin

Mitt Romney calls in to fix his $10,000 bet gaffe, and let everyone know that he is regular guy who makes $10,000 bets at the drop of a hat.

Moderate Democrat says Liberals don’t know how politics work or how real change happens. We straighten her the fuck out.

TV’s Frank has a Holiday cold  and it is pissing off  Bill Oreilly , plus lots lots more!

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Mike Macrae