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Comedy & Everything Else ep. #166 Jon Dore and Abby Londer.

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #166

“DORE on DORE!” Its not really a contest, just a regular show where we talk about stuff and make jokes and our guest is hilarious comedian Jon Dore.

I guess I just like the sound of “Dore on Dore!”  Its sounds exciting, like there is going to be a fight!  But  there isn’t  a fight.  Sadly we  get along swimmingly and laugh a lot. Our regular listeners will know Jon from performing that crazy comedy sketch on Conan Obrien with Rory Scoval where they both did their stand-up acts acts simultaneously.

Jon is not only an accomplished comedian, but also the star of The Jon Dore Television Show! It originally aired on the Comedy Channel in Canada, but has subsequently been picked up by the IFC channel here in the states.

Also: Ever wonder why there isn’t a comedy festival in Los Angeles?  Well, so did Abby Londer and she decided to do something about. Yep, she is starting a Los Angeles Comedy Festival!

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And special thanks to Jonathan Corbett, host of DREAM TWEET!, for sitting in and being funny!

And the inimitable Mike Macrae knocking it out of the park again with Paula Dean.

Jon Dore

Abby Londer

The JImmy Dore Show jan 26, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 26, 2011

This Week:

In case you were in the market for evidence democracy is a terrible form of government: The mob that shows up to

Republican Presidential debates seems to fit the bill. We take a look at the crazy audience reaction to rational statements and their acceptance of  hate filled rhetoric.

Morgan Freeman, who has been dating and having sex with his own grand daughter,  received a lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes and everybody pretended he is as dignified and moral as the characters he plays. So he calls in to explain what he was thinking when he got the award, and what silent message Sidney Poitier sent him,

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Herman Cain calls in to and begs us to send him some of our sweet Public Radio money so he can get back into the presidential race.

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae

Paula Dean show us how to make a “Donut-Burger”!

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So you are telling me that someone who teaches people how to make donut-burgers has developed diabetes?  What a shocker! The next thing you are going to be telling me is that CHris Christie has heartburn.

But wait, now she  claims she has always  preached “moderation”, no kidding, just watch, she does it with a straight face too:

Of course she preaches and practices moderation, thats why she is morbidly obese and developed adult diabetes. Got it.

Sure she eats in moderation, and then if she is still hungry, she eats everything else.

The Jimmy Dore Show 1-19-12

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 19, 2011

This Week:

Are you critical of the Obama Administration for ramping up the Afghanistan war, not  closing Guantanamo, signing a bill that throws out Habeas Corpus, caving in on the Bush Tax cuts, implementing right wing education policies, and being a complete toadie of Wall Street? Well Andrew Sullivan says you are upset, not because you have a legitimate point, but because  you need to grow up. And Chris Matthews agrees with him. Not Kidding.

Guess what happens when a black guys asks Newt Gingrich if he can see how telling black people that they should demand “pay checks instead of food stamps” is belittling to  African Americans? A roomful of white people boo him. We take a look back at the first South Carolina Presidential debate and it is not pretty.

Former Louisiana  Governor Buddy Roemer , the real guy not Mike MacRae, calls in to talk about getting money out of politics, the SOPA bill, and fixing our broken political system.

Paula Dean, the beloved Southern Chef calls in and  reveals that she is suffering from Type ll Diabetes.  Kind of shocking to hear that someone who teaches people how to make “Donut-burgers” has diabetes? Next thing you know they’re gonna  tell me is that Rip Torn has liver problems.

Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich, I didn’t even know he was allowed to endorse anyone, and he calls in to let us know how important it is.

Plus Rick Perry calls in to look back on the Presidential Campaign, and Governor Chris Christie calls in to defend Paula Dean and her eating habits.

With Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, and Todd Palin performed by Ian Bagg

Andrew Sullivan wants you to GROW UP.

Buddy Roemer being kept out of debates

Paula Dean has diabetes? Go Figure.

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Comedy & Everything Else # 165

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Comedy andEverything Else Episode #165

This week we find out that Todd is Gay. Yes, some of you already knew, lots of you suspected, but now it is official. And we learn that  to be friends with Todd is to be constantly surprised

Plus Jonathan Corbett the host of my favorite new podcast “Dream Tweet” sits in with us to talk about THE BACHELOR! Yes, the show we love to hate and make fun of is back and we take a look at the first episode.

It is the presidential primary season and two of the front runners made some seriously hilarious gaffs recently: Mitt Romney  who has been criticized for being a “Vulture Capitalist” and a guy that made money by destroying good paying jobs, recently proclaimed “I like being able to FIRE PEOPLE”. Well, that oughta reassure people that you are a real “regular guy”.

And religious zealot Rick Santorum is back on the ‘race baiting” trail in full force. He recently told a room full of white people that he doesn’t want to “Give blacks other peoples money”, and then he denied saying it because apparently Rick Santorum doesn’t understand how video works.

And the nicest Christian to ever gay bash in a commercial, Rick Perry, calls in to look back on the presidential campaign.

The Jimmy Dore Show 1-12-12

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 12, 2011

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This Week:

Protesters are occupying Chris Christie’s pants, they mistook them for a sausage tent. He calls in to explain.

Ron Paul clears up his racist past by calling in and saying some racist stuff.

Rick Perry calls in to reflect on the campaign and Herman Cain’s nakedness.

Tony Blankly dies and we reflect on what it means to lose a true gentleman and an important talking head who specialized in lying for money.

Reporter from  Iowa says we have a Raucous Caucus.

Rick Perry’s plan for Iraq: send troops BACK in to Iraq, at the speed of light!

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura