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Chris Christie veto’s gay marriage, calls in.

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Faith healing didn’t work, lady complains.

So here is a faithful lady who received a faith healing from Pat Robertson for pain in her knees, but the pain came back and she writes to complain.

First of all, you  think that maybe the pain in her knees is being  caused by too much praying?

But  don’t worry, Robertson  does the right thing and lets her know it’s her own damn fault. He explains that she must’ve done something wrong, and tells her she needs to ” receive it, stand on it, take it, and praise God for it”  …  Yeah, and if that doesn’t work, try Advil.

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Robertson goes on to blame Satan also, because thats a cause you can never verify.  But I say how could Satan have caused the pain in this lady’s knees when he is so  busy telling Obama how to destroy America?

Rick Santorum’s Sweater Vest calls in!

Nobody Knows Rick Santorum like his sweater vest, and he calls in to let us know what it is like being wrapped around Rick Santorum’s skin 24/7. The details just might surprise you, or will they?

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The Jimmy Dore Show fen 23, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 23, 2011

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This Week:

Mitt Romney says he loves Michigan because the “trees are the right height”, and we wonder if we even have to write a joke for that.

BeBe Calls says "Don't be Naive".

Benjamin Netanaju has been  aching for a war with Iran ever since Israel developed a nuclear weapon, and now he want to attack Iran before they get their own nuke.  Benjamin, who like to be referred to as “BeBe”, calls in to call me naive and dismiss Americans concern about war. Thank god he’s funny or else I might not like that guy.

Pat Robertson gets customer compaints

Christians, well it turns out that they are a  very, very selective group. Even if you get baptized, call yourself a christian and go to christian church your whole life,   chances are  if you are a democrat you still are not  a Christian.  Yes, its true, just ask Franklin Graham, he’s the son of the gifted orator Billy Graham. Well he’s not so gifted and so he needs to slander his political opponents  to get attention.

And so does Mr. Integrity himself, race baiter and religious bigot, Rick Santorum.   He says he’s “takes pres Obama at his word that he’s a Christian”, but he still likes to pretend that he doesn’t in front of racists.

Rick Santorum's sweater vest calls in and shares.

Rick Santorum’s Sweater Vest is with him 24/7 and knows him inside and out. Well, he also has lots of secrets about what it feels like to be wrapped around Ricks skin, and what its like late at night when Rick is wearing nothing but the vest. The answer just may surprise you, or will it?!

The Rants are top notch this week as Steve Rosenfield breaks down the republican primary dilemma of a having to choose between a guy who can’t win and a guy who nobody likes– that can’t win.  Plus Paul Gilmartin stands up for peace in the middle east and against the war mongers in Israel.

with Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin

The Jimmy Dore Show 2-16-12

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 16, 2011

This Week

Jerry Sandusky can not seem to stop speaking into microphones about just how much he likes hanging out with kids.   An unorthodox  strategy to fight molestation charges to say the least.  But it turns out after decades of committing child rape,  Jerry  Sanduysky is the real victim here and that lands him in this weeks Oh My God segment.

CPAC, the annual gathering of ultra conservatives, took place last weekend and,  besides being more fun to watch than Christian television, it also featured a hack comedian who managed to squeeze in two jokes in his 14 minutes on stage. It is the kind of comedy that makes Paul Gilmartin genuinely sad and sick. Of course the comedian is white, male, and christian, which means he is also a victim!.  Lets listen as he laments on how hard it is being a white,male,christian conservative in show bizness and how the liberal media keeps them off TV.

Yes the liberals who own the media wont put conservatives on TV. Don’t believe me?  Just as him, or Kelsey Grammer, Drew Carey, or Patricia Heaton.

The Catholic Church is upset about Obamacare mandating they provide contraception coverage to their employees. Chris Mathews brings on a “Catholic Scholar” who explains that the Catholic Church are also victims.  It seems to be a theme this week or something, but yes even one of largest and most powerful institutions in the world is also a victim and they are tired of being “beaten up”!   I swear I am not making any of this up.

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Gay Marriage has now passed he New Jersey Legislature and Chris Christie calls in to explain why he is against it. Bill Orielley also has his bush in a knot about the Catholic Church and contraception and he calls in to scream a little.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield. Robert Yasumura

Jerry Sandusky continues to speak in front of live microphones.

Jerry Sandusky is trying to prove that he’s a good guy and  not a molester by repeatedly telling people how much he likes hanging out with kids. Here he is also tryiing to get his bail conditions eased.  His house butts up against the back of a school and a children’s playground, and neighbors have complained that he is on his back porch when the children are on the playground. He is not allowed out of his house, or do any of the usual things he used to do , and he just doesn’t understand why.

He wants you to know that he is definitely the victim here. I was waiting for him to say “This is the thanks I get for teaching all those kids how  to shower?”. I imagine if I talked with him our conversation would go something like this”

Sandusky: “I don’t get why I can’t just do the things I used to do in my community.

Me: “Because Jerry, you’re accused of raping children.”

Sandusky: “Yes, that is one thing I used to do in my community.”

Below are a few of my favorite quotes from his press conference:

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I have been associated with thousands of children over the years”.  Yeah, and some you weren’t even attracted to.

My friends want to see me and spend time with me, and I have to tell them I can’t”.. – But did you tell them the reason you can’t see them is cuz you are  busy staring at the kids next door on the playground.

Now I have often wondered what kind of a horrible lawyer keeps letting their client speak like this on camera?  But for all I know we could be witnessing the single greatest piece of lawyering in history. See, by the time Sandusky walks into court, they will have hours of news footage of him proving he is too incompetent to stand trial. And if that doesn’t work, an appeal based on incompetence of counsel seems to be a lock.