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Guest Hosting The Young Turks with Frank Conniff and Bill Oreilley calls in!

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Jimmy Guest Hosting The Young Turks, Chris Christie calls in

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The Jimmy Dore Show 2-9-12

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 9th, 2011

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This Week:

Ron Paul is one the chosen few overly-religious-morons who thinks life begins at conception.  He sat down with Piers Morgan and gets exposed for the contradictory, hypocritical, ignoramus he is being. Yes, he got taken down by PIERS MORGAN. Good thing for Ron Paul he didn’t have to battle it out with Ryan Seacrest.

Mitt Romney has a problem: The more people get to know him, the less they like him. And if Mitt Romney were capable of human emotion, that would really hurt his feelings.  He calls in to explain why people don’t like him.

Clint Eastwood Super Bowl  commercial for Chrysler has been criticized as being a Pro-Obama commercial.  Eastwood is pissed and calls in to sling a few racial insults.

OH MY GOD: East Haven  Conneticut Mayor Joseph Maturo is a  true Moron who doesn’t know that when you are in a hole, you should stop digging. But he doesn’t . It may be the most priceless OMG segment to date.

Comedy & Everything Else # 167 Becky Pedigo, Heather Peters & Honda Hybrids

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Comedy andEverything Else Episode #167

This Week:

Beck Pedigo is the star of her own Comedy Central Special and now the Author “Killing Me Softly With Jazz Hands”,  her collection of stories about traveling the country doing stand up comedy. Yes she is darkly sarcastic and describes her comedy as a shot of Tequila, and I have to agree. Plus becky and I had an argument on facebook, and we relive it and resolve it.

Heather Peters bought a Honda Civic Hybrid and cuz they are supposed to get 50 miles to the gallon, but like me, she got waaaaaay less than that.  Honda, like all good corporations, decided to screw over its customers and not compensate them for the shitty performance their cars deliver.   Well, Heather decided to take them to court, small claims court, and BEAT HONDA to the tune of $9,800 !!!

Jonathan Corbett, the host of DREAM TWEET sits in and provides a big dose of hilarity.

The Jimmy Dore Show february 3rd, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show feb 3, 2011

This week :

Mitt Romney doesn’t worry about the “very poor” ,  he calls in to explain what he meant  and it turns out exactly what we thought in the first place.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family research Council, super christian and all around piece of shit, turns up the heat and bashes gays and Muslims in the same sentence, but don’t forget he’s Chris Mathews “Pal”.

Paul Dean, who recently revealed she developed  adult diabetes three years ago, caused a bit of a stir recently when she was  seen eating a triple cheeseburger on a cruise ship .  She calls in to let us know how she is handling “Moderation”.

Mike MacRae does a great job on all the celebrity voices on this weeks show.

With Steve Rosenfield, and Jonathan Corbett.

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“Mr. Romney says the “Very Poor” are doing Great!

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Thats right, he’s worried about the 90 to 95% of americans who are struggling, and apparently that doesn’t include the “very poor” , cuz they’re doing great!

Nope, not worried about the “very poor”,  cuz, we all know who makes out like bandits during a depression,  the poor!

But do you know who isn’t doing well and needs help? It would be the people who have more money than the “very Poor” and are sitting above the “very poor” on the economic ladder, the middle class.

Thats right, you think being “very poor” is tough?  Well try getting a better house and more money and then you will know the meaning of struggle.

At least the reporter pushed back a tinsy bit before letting his bullshit about the very poor doing swimmingly go out over the air.

Am I out of my mind, but he did just say that the people who are really hurting are not the very poor, but the people with more money and better incomes? Those are the people that are hurting, the people who are above the “very poor” on the economic ladder.  Got it.  Way to connect!!