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Highlights From “The Point”

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Comedy & Everything Else ep. #168

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #168

This week:

False Equivalencies : Did you know that going on a three day tirade that uses lies and misinformation to slander and sexually demean a female law student is exactly the same thing as calling Sarah Pallin a “twat”? Well according to a lot of people who don’t

Rush Limbaugh = Bill Maher & Frank Conniff?

have a clue, it is. Yes because, if you don’t think about it, a bomb throwing Governor with a penchant for misinformation, hate rhetoric, and dog whistle politics is exactly the same thing as law student testifying on behalf of women’s health.

We also find out that making an ironic joke about sexuality is exactly the same thing as a well thought out, deliberate, ugly, slanderous, misogynistic, mean spirited, continual three day character assassination and campaign of intimidation by the most powerful media figure with the biggest megaphone in the country, against a powerless citizen.

As I have explained on my KPFK show, ridicule aimed at the powerful is called “comedy”. Ridicule aimed at the powerless is called “bullying”. I have not heard anyone else in the media make that point, and am always stunned to see people on television talking about this without ever mentioning this fact.

Too easy to make fun of?

Don’t worry, we didn’t stop watching the bachelor, and yes, it got even dumber. Why Stef and I like to poke fun at thisparticular reality show is hard to say.

Maybe it is because it turns normal dating rituals and norms on its head. Or maybe it is because it is fun to watch people try to pretend there isn’t a camera crew in their face the

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entire time they are trying to fall in love for ever.

Maybe it’s because they just say and do lots of mind blowingly dumb stuff that brings us joy to make fun of? Either way, we play two more clips from the show and make fun of them.

We are joined by my good pal and hilarious comedian Keith Lowell Jensen who treats us to my favorite knock-knock joke of all time.

Kieth Lowell Jensen punches you with jokes

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Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank-Oscar Edition!

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MItt Romney calls to explain why people hate him.

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The Jimmy Dore Show march 9, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show march 9,2012

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This Week:

Rush Limbaugh has a problem with Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown Law Student who testified to congress, and decided to call here a “Slut” and a “prostitute”. Rush recognized that his rhetoric had crossed the line so he immediately attacked her another 54 times over the next three days.

After his advertisers started jumping ship, Rush stepped up and courageously gave a phony apology, proving the old axiom “No man stands taller than when he insincerely apologizes to stop a money drain”.

Media "Watchdog" Howard Kurtz

Howard Kurtz is the host of Reliable Sources on CNN, it is a show that takes a look at how the media is handling the news. Howard is sort of watchdog of the the media, the only problem is that he is very bad at his job.   Howard Kurtz is the kind of watchdog that attacks the mailman instead of the armed robber.

He makes the false equivalency of Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a cunt and Rush Limbaugh attacking a college student for three days. We explain to Howard that when ridicule is aimed at the powerful it is called “Comedy”, when ridicule is aimed at the powerless it is called “Bullying”.

Benjamin Netanyahu calls in to let us know that war with Iran is not up to the United States. Just because America doesn’t want to go to war again in the Middle east, it really doesn’t matter. And if you disagree with BeBe, then you are, of course, and anti-semite!.

Bill Oreilley calls into to defend Rush Limbaugh and impune women everywhere. He tells of how he used to relax with hookers when traveling in asia.

Andrew Breitbart calls in from hell to complain about the inefficiency and laziness  of the union bloodsuckers down there.

The hilarious opening song “Oops” was performed by Henry Phillips.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin.

Andrew Brietbart: "Crazy Man" or just an asshole?

He's Hilarious!

Benjamin Netanyahu calls in to scare us again

The Jimmy Dore Show march 1, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show march 1,audio fixed 2012

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This Week:

Mitt Romney won Michigan, proving that 3% of the people in his home state like him more than a stranger who is a maniac and against college and contraception. He also has another gaff to fix. After telling poor people that their concerns were not his concerns, and then sharing that the trees in Michigan are all the right height,  and that his wife drives a “Couple of Cadilacs” , he now tries to connect with Nascar fans, not by attending a Nascar event, but by telling them he has friends who OWN some Nascar race teams.  He is just a brilliant politician.


Foster Friess, Rick Santorum’s bilionaire who is bankrolling his presidential campaign donned a sweater vest and gave quite a speech introducing Rick Santorum at CPAC. I knew he was white, wealthy, and conservative, so it was just a matter of time before he got to the part about him being a victim of discrimination, and Foster did not disappoint!

Rip Torn is at it again in the latest installment of “Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank”!.  Rip talks about the sad story of actress Sean Young trying to crash the party after the Oscars, slapping a security guard and getting cuffed and arrested. Turns out Sean Young and Rip are old drinking buddies and Rip has some hilarious stories to tell .

Rick Santorum says if you go to college you are a SNOB!  And we’ve got the video tape to prove it.  The rails came off officially this week for Rick, and it has been a blast to watch.  We break down Rick Santorums praise of ignorance and try to figure out just what the fuck is wrong with that guy.

Bill Orielley has had it with us bashing Santorum and he calls in to straighten me out about college and to explain the contradiction of Rick Santorum being a college graduate calling the president a “Snob” for encouraging kids to go to college.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura.

Rip Torn's Hollwood Drunk Tank!

Bill Oreilley

Rick Santorum