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The Jimmy Dore Show 4-29-12

The Jimmy Dore Show april 29, 2012

This Week:

Ryan Seacrest: Proof life is not fair.

Ryan Seacrest is  worth a billion gazillion dollars, and Steve Rosenfield knows every funny angle of why it is wrong and what it means for the rest of us in this weeks RANT.

Ann Romney expresses her concern for those people underwater on their homes by promising to do nothing to help them.

We read some of our listener mail and it aint good at all.

Steve Skrovan tells us how the world really works.

Steve SKrovan, writer for Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymon, tells us how the world works.

With Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield

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Comedy & Everything Else ep. # 170 Steve Skrovan

Comedy andEverything Else Episode#170
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This Week:

Steve Skrovan is a talented comedian, writer for Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. He makes the trip to Pasadena to  tell us how the world

Steve Skrovan tells us how the world really works.

really works. He has tales of working with Larry David and Jerry Sienfeld that are sure to surprise and entertain.

Steve is also putting together a power packed stand-up show this Sunday April 29th @ the Wirters guild theater and it is going to be a great one. Look at this line-up

Ray Romano, Marc Maron, Dana Gould, Eric Rivera, RIck Overton, and  more!  Click here for tickets and we will see you there!

The Jimmy Dore Show april 20,2012

The Jimmy Dore Show april20,2012

This Week

Pat Robertson, just like Jesus,  is not a big fan of science or reason.   Lets face it, once you start taking science seriously, its just a mater of time before  you start basing your opinions on facts and accurate information instead of superstition and projected self-hate.  And then, before you know it, you don’t sound like a crazy person anymore, and we can’t have that.

Today Pat explains that jesus does not believe in global warming, and his proof is that Mars (yes MARS) doesn’t have SUV’s or oil wells and it  is hot too. I know, go figure.  Luckily that kind of  mental derangement is destructive, but luckily it is also fun to watch too. Where would be without our favorite Christian maniac? I hope Pat lives forever!

A Trillion Dollars. Hey, turns out the total amount of outstanding student debt could reach a Trillion dollars this year.

Rep. Virginia Foxx Chair of Subcommittee on Higher Education!

Man, for that amount of money, America’s students could have waged a pointless ten-year-long war , you know, something useful, instead of all this egg-head book-learning and such.

But luckily Rep. Virginia Foxx, the chairperson of the subcommittee on Higher Education, doesn’t think student debt is a problem, in fact she has disdain for college student who find themselves in debt. So much so that her proposal to help College students drowning under a mountain of student loan debt is to do NOTHING.   That a girl!

Mitt Romney steps up to offer his own advice for college students who can’t seem to afford $50,000 a year: “Shop Around, get a good price!”  I’m not making this up, that is his plan to tackle the skyrocketing costs of colleg tuition—“Shop Around, Get a Good Price!”. Yeah I hear you can get into UCLA on a Groupon special now.

We take a closer look at Mitt Romney and his penchant for projecting his worst qualities onto his political opponents. It is fun to listen to Mitt pretend to be outraged over Barack Obama’s flip-flopping.  As my friend Kevin Seccia says “Lying is always funny”, which is why Mitt may be the funniest politician in America.

Hilary Rosen made some good points about Ann Romeny not being in touch with working women and the challenges Moms who work outside the home face. Of course it was intentionally misinterpreted by Mitt Romney in order to make some cheap political points. Luckily we have a free press that immediately debunked this phony outrage and kept voters attention on the real issues of this campaign.

Okay, so that didn’t happen. The press just kept repeating the phony outrage instead of debunking it, allowing cynical pricks to control the political conversation in America for almost two weeks. And that is how you end up with a country that is firing teachers by the thousands while still spending billions on wars nobody wants and  bonus-ing criminal bankers.

Plus Phone calls!!! from Rick Perry welcoming me to Austin texas for the Moontower Comedy Festival April 25-28, and Mitt Romney calls into twice to be an affable asshole.

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With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura

The Jimmy Dore Show april 12, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show april 12,2012

This Week:

Steve Rosenfield mourns that passing of Mike Wallace and the  end of an era when news organizations relied on something quaint and out-of-date ….News!

Billy Graham’s daughter was booked on Meet The Press, I guess because Pat Robertson’s niece was busy, and she lets us know to always make decisions out of fear like a good christian does.

Sandy Rios lets us know who the real victims are in the Trayvon Martin shooting, and wouldn’t you know, turns out  its  white people!

Allan West, African American tea party member and Everyone’s favorite war criminal lets us know exactly how many congressional democrats are actually communists.  The answer just might surprise you, but not Senator McCarthy.

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Mitt Romney has been accusing Barack Obama of not being a real Christian, but of wanting to set up an even newer religion than Mormonism. He calls in to explain that he “takes the president at his word” when he says he’s a Christian.

Rip Torn's Hollwood Drunk Tank!

Rip Torn’s “Hollywood Drunk Tank!” takes on the new  Transgendered Miss America contest and civil rights leader Donald Trump!

Rick Santorum has aborted his presidential campaign and his Sweater Vest calls in to let us know how he is feeling about it all.

With Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield and Robert Yasumura.

Left Right & Ridiculous With Janeane Garofalow @ Portland Comedy Festival

Left ,Right & Ridiculous @ The Bridgetown Comedy Festival

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Special Guest Janeane Garofalow

April 14 6pm Mt. Tabor Theater

Portland, Oregon

The Jimmy Dore Show april 6, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show april 6,2012

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This Week:

Steve Rosenfield reminds us all that it is Easter, and asks us to remember that we aren’t all equal and our god is real and others gods are made up.

(Homo)Robo calls were unleashed in Wisconson to urge people to vote against “homosexuality” aka Mitt Romney,  and for “Straight Marriage” and a “Straight Military” aka Rick “I’m always thinking about gay guys penis’s” Santorum. We play the call  and it does amuse us.

Larry Platt is  the executive director of “Gun Owners of AMerica”, so right off the bat you know this guy is “down-to-earth” and sensible. He has my favorite take on the Trayvon Martin case, are you ready for this? He says that Trayvon Martin was at fault because, and I swear I am not making this up,  is was his responsibility to run away. Its just those kinds of mental gymnastics that keeps America winning the “death by guns” gold medal every year.

Ann Romney makes another gaffe.

Bill Oreilley is angry about the Trayvon Martin case.  No, he’s not upset that a 17 year old black kid was gunned down for no reason.  And no, he’s not upset that, to this day,  the killer has  not  been arrested or charged with a crime .  What Bill is upset about is that the media is keeping the spotlight on this case!  Yes, its funny that Bill never had time to be upset at any of the actually upsetting things about this case, but is outraged that others in the media keep reminding us that this horrible situation is still horrible.

Plus we play some tape from the  Bill Orielly show where  Geraldo Rivera was pointing out how Bill was exploiting a personal tragedy  to make a cheap poitical point,  you know, doing the exact thing Bill is pretending to hate about the Trayvon case.  Bravo.

Martin Luther King’s niece was a guest on FoxNews recently.  And why wouldn’t she go on fox?  I mean, who else is going to

MLK's Niece, Alevda King

lend credibility to a bunch of race baiters besides the niece of a civil rights leader who was gunned down by a white racist?  It is nice to see here take some time off from her usual crusade, turning women who are seeking abortions into criminals, to stop by foxnews and call Trayvon a “late abortion”.  Again, not kidding.

With Frank Conniff, Jonothan Corbett, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MacRae