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The Jimmy Dore Show on TYT ep 4: “Oh My God” it’s Mayor Taco!

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The Jimmy Dore show Ep 4 part 2: The Birthers return!

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The Jimmy Dore Show on TYT episode 4 part 1

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Romney promises the NAACP that he will tip bigger at the airport.
Hosni Mubarek is dying but still loves the Ladies
The Fast and The Furious confuses Rick Perry.

The Jimmy Dore Show on TYT episode 5.

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In this episode we make fun of Cell Phones & Brain Cancer, George Zimmerman & Pat Zajack! with “TV’s Frank” Frank Conniff from MST3K!

The Jimmy Dore Show 7-27-12

The Jimmy Dore Show july 20, 2012

This Week:

Thats me.

Mitt sits in for the first 1/2 hour!

Mitt Romney is with us for the first 1/2 hour as we pepper him with questions about his flip flopping. Mike MacRae was in the comedy groove and we are all the better for it.

The Democratic governor of Colorado sat down with George Snuffleupigous and he is also against any kind of gun control. Yeah, why would he be? We all

And our favorite bootlicker to the powerful, Chris Matthews is back and asking some of the worst question about the Colorado shooting that we’ve heard

Chris Matthews asks some great questions.

so far. Not only does he bark inane questions about stuff we already know, like when he asked one victim “What kind of gun was he using?”. See, we already know that Chris, can you ask something relevant? His answer was “hell no”.

With Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Stef Zamorano and Steve Rosenfield.

The Jimmy Dore Show 7-20-12

Get Ex Gf Back Quotes/”>The Jimmy Dore Show july 20, 2012

This Week:

Thats me.

Romney surrogate and former Governor of New Hampshire, John Sununu, says he wished Obama would “Learn how to be an American.” . Yeah, like By opening a Swiss bank account and teaching horses to DANCE. Nothing like a guy who was born in Cuba to Arab parents to lecture you on how to be “More American”.

The right-wing freak-out at the prospect of 4 more years of a black president continues! Rush Limbaugh had an especially

BANE! Its an Obama plot!

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crazy week, starting with this quote: “It can be said without equivocation that Barack Obama hates this country!”, moved on to Pres. Obama being “educated by a bunch of communists”, and finally ending with a conspiracy involving the Batman Movie and the Barack Obama campaign.

I couldn't make this stuff up. if Rush Limbaugh wasn’t a thing, and you did a sketch in which you just said verbatim things he says – you would be considered a comic genius.

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who voluntarily shot and killed treyvon martin sat down with Sean Hannity to tell his side of the story. Hey, its no Jerry Sandusky/Bob Costas interview but I'll take it. FYI: if you’re indicted on a felony, and your lawyer gives you

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the OK to go on Sean Hannity – fire your fucking lawyer.

Plus Mike MacRae sits in for the entire show as Luke Russert , Gov.Chris Christie and Bill Orielly.

WIth Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, Stef Zamoran

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The Jimmy Dore Show july 13, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show july 13, 2012

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This Week:

thats me.

Mitt fails to connect with African Americans even though he promises to tip big at the airport

Mitt Romney gave a speech at the annual NAACP event and was booed. REALLY? I thought a billionaire born into privilege with a wife who teaches horses to dance would really connect. Romney acknowledged that many  barriers still exist for African Americans, especially in his neighborhood. Steve Rosenfield has a rundown of the entire speech.

2012 is the hottest year in recorded history, the 10 hottest years have all occurred in the last 12 years, and weather is going F’ing crazy! ( I hope you appreciated that I cleaned it up right there).

The worlds most incurious journalist.

So we ask world famous climate scientist George Will who has studied the issue and has concluded that its hot  because ” it is summer, get over it!”.  Its that kind of inquisitive mind and hard nosed  journalism that makes George Will so useful to the man.

Leon Panetta, like most Secretaries of Defense, lives by the credo “if you can’t enjoy invading countries and killing people, why even get up in the morning”. 60 minutes did a Puff -Piece on him and yet he still gets stumped by the first  question: “how many countries are we actively fighting in right now”.  He doesn’t’ know, which is very disturbing, but what really makes you feel horrible is that he laughed about it.  Hey, maybe the guy in charge of all the killing doesn’t’ get to cavalierly laugh about it.

Luke Russert: Worlds most successful intern

Luke Russert, the worlds most successful intern, has been our least favorite reporter for some time. If you read Huffington Post then you already know everything that Luke is about to tell you. He gets caught at being horrible at his job by Martin Bashir when he gets asked a direct question about the antics of the congressional republics. It is a pretty amazing example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with the 4th estate. LEts remember that he is being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to be a “newsman”.

Jim Earl reads from his new hilarious book of obituaries of famous dead people “Mourning Remembrances”.

With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Stef Zamorano.

The Jimmy Dore Show 7-6-12

The Jimmy Dore Show july 6, 2012

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This Week:

thats me.

HAPPY 4th of JULY! Steve Rosenfield starts us off by reminding us that even though our fate is in the hands of largely corrupt sociopaths, America is still the greatest country in the world! (as far as we know, we really don’t know much about other countries)

He's a large man.

Bill Oreilly , Mitt Romney and Chris Christie are on the phone and all  sit in and comment  on this weeks show!

Darell Issa is sure that Eric Holder has been giving guns to criminals to use in Mexico so that they can then pass gun laws in the United States.  Do you follow that ? Me neither. And even though his theory has been debunked by Forbes magazine,  he still hopes people don’t notice that he’s heading a political witch-hunt that amounts to nothing.

MIss USA: Hookers show how strong women can be!

Plus Miss USA contest happened, and yes there still is a Miss USA contest.  The new Miss USA thinks “Pretty Woman”  is a great example of movies that show woman in a positive light, and yes we make fun of it.

Look who's back, it's three time Emmy Award Winner David Feldman!

David Feldman, the prodigal son of the Jimmy Dore Show, is back and treats us to much hilarity.

With Frank Conniff, David Feldman, Stef Zamorano, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield.