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The Jimmy Dore Show june 29, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show june 29, 2012

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Jimmy Dore Show

Hilarious phone calls from Mitt Romney and Drunk Bill Orielley as performed by the inimitable Mike MacRae and written by Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura and Jim Earl. Why do I love Bill O’Rielley when he is drunk way more than sober? I don’t know, but if he was drunk on his show every bright I would never miss it.

Rip Torn's Hollwood Drunk Tank!

“Rip Torn’s Hollwood Drunk Tank”! is back and better than ever! This week  Rip takes on the Adam Corolla “women aren’t funny” scandal, and  of course Rip has a completely unique take. Its another amazing job by Mike MacRae!

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More and more young people are admitting that they question the existence of god. Now to me that sounds like a good thing, but to our good friend Bill O’Rieely and his panel, it is another sign of the godless public school teachers indoctrinating our kids into their liberal ideology.  We break down the entire segment and add some much needed comedy to it.

Fast and Furious has turned out to be a big nothing. Daryl Issa has been trying to find a scandal somewhere and he just keeps

Darrly Issa makes Joe MacCarthy proud.

coming up with a big goose egg. The republicans in the congress voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt of congress. But thanks to some great investigative reporting from Fortune Magazine, we now know that there is no “there”  there, and the congress ends up being the ones with egg on their face.

Plus Stef Zamorano from the popular podcast “Comedy & Everything Else” stops by to tell us that she is a proud owner of a vagina!

With Paul Gilmartin