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Mitt Romney made a birther joke, Cenk and I respond on TYT!


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The Jimmy Dore Show august 24,2012

The Jimmy Dore Show August 24, 2012

Thats me.

This Week:

Rep Todd Akin made  the unforgivable mistake of telling the TRUTH about the Republican party,  revealing they think rape victims are lying sluts.

Rep. Todd Akin: “It's Not Rape If She Cums”.

 Rep. Akin and the vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan espouse EXACTLY the same backward, ignorant, anti-women ideas. In fact together, they  have even cosponsored abortion bills that use language like “Forcible Rape” that would make rape and incest victims carry their babies to term. 

Akin has lifted the veil on the republican party and their neanderthal ideology. It's clear they are seeking a government small enough to de-fund Planned Parenthood, but large enough to round up all the abortion doctors. Whats not new is that “Mr. Courage” Paul Ryan is now running away from his core convictions  revealing his compete lack of character and cowardliness. 

(The excellent caricature of Todd Akin provided by DonkeyHotey!)

Ron Paul is  and ardent anti-abortionist who is no stranger to the shaming of  pregnant rape victims.  When Rep. Paul was questioned by Pierce Morgan what he would do if his grand-daughter became pregnant by a rape, and he responded by saying he would give her a shot of estrogen is it was an “Honest Rape”.  So we get Rep. Paul on the phone to explain the differences between an “honest”and a “Dis-honest”  rape.  Another hilarious impression done by the best impressionist in America, the inimitable Mike MacRae!

Medicare has become a hot topic on the campaign trail ever since Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his Vice President.  Ryan was dumb enough to put down in writing and propose in congress, a bill that would turn Medicare into a voucher program and shift costs to the elderly. It's another part of Mitt Romney's strategy to lose Florida. 

The Republican planto deal with this problem  is to bold and consistently lie about  about it  on national TV in an attempt to confuse the voters

Solodad Obrien does unthinkable: Corrects Lies on her News Show.

about who is going to do what exactly to medicare.  In fact, Romney and Ryan and their surrogates have been lying so blatantly  and so boldly that they are making Solodad Obrien look like Edward R. Murrow.  

The usual procedure is for politicians and political operatives to appear on NEWS shows, tell blatant false hoods and outright lies, and  never get challenged or corrected. But Solodad Obrien didn't get the memo. She actually corrects blatant lies and this confuses the party hacks who aren't used to having their bullshit questioned on national TV.

Condi Rice: Looks forward to golfing with sexists bigots.

Condoleeza Rice was allowed membership into Augusta National Golf CLub, ending their decades old policy of denying membership to War Criminals. Its being called a  real achievement for civil rights.  See women can join the bigoted and sexist club, all they have to do is spend 8 years doing  the bidding of the Military Industrial Complex and they're in!

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