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The Jimmy Dore Show 8-17-12


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Thats me.

This Week:

Showing us how much health care a medicare voucher will pay for in 20 year.

Paul Ryan , Paul Ryan and then Paul Ryan, later we mention Paul Ryan and then we wrap up with a little Paul Ryan talk during the Paul Ryan round table about Paul Ryan.

We also talk about Paul Ryan and  Paul Ryan's proposed Paul Ryan  budget to fix everything and screw over the poor and middle class while funneling money upward and pretending you are doing God's work, Paul Ryan. .

The Paul Ryan budget is so bad  that even the Catholics  noticed.  A group of Nuns think it is so “un-Catholic” that they organized a bus tour to spread the word.   And the Catholic Bishops side withe the Nuns!  You know, when you've lost the moral high ground to child molesters, maybe its a bad budget.Queen Ann Romney show off her shitty side/

Ann Romney decided to show-off her angry- shitty side in an interview when addressing  Mitt's tax returns. She looked like she was trying to lock down the paranoid millionaire vote. 

Speaker Boehmer calls in “Ryan not a 'Knuckle-dragger”.

Mike MacRaedelights us with phone calls from Mitt Romney and John Boehner explaining his disgust for the “Knuckel-

Rick Overton: Actor/Comedian/Writer Extraordinaire!

draggers” in the Tea Party,  two brilliant sketches written by Frank Conniff.

We are joined by two of my favorite comedians: Rick Overton,  and Cathy Ladman.

Rick Overton is also an Emmy Award winning writer and a very busy actor who most recently has been seen on NBC'  

The Office and was in my favorite movie of all time “Ground Hog Day” with Bill Murray.  

Cathy Ladman was winner of Female Comedian of the Year and most recently has been seen on

Cathy Ladman: “Comedian of the Year!”

everyones favorite  “Mad Men”.  

My thanks to both of them for adding much needed clarity & Hilarity. 

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With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Stef Zamorano.  And thanks to Robert Yasumurafor all the GREAT JOKES!


Ron Paul: "Sometimes I actually mean what I say" TJDS on TYT!

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The Jimmy Dore Show august 10, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show aug 10, 2012

This Week:

Thats me.


Turns out the Queen is a real cut up!

The Olympics are happening and I can not stop watching them, so we play some clips that show just how ridiculous the coverage has been.

And how ridiculous has it been? Well, did you know, according to Merideth Vierra, that  the Queen of England has a “wicked sense of humor”?  Yep, that was really said by someone being PAID to say things on television. Oh sure the Queen has a wicked sense of humor, but it doesn’t come out until  after she’s had a few drinks and starts going off about the immigrants. 

Twitter is being talked about non stop by the NBC announcers also. I find it kind of annoying when I am watching  the most celebrated sporting event in the world, and announcers keep stressing the athletes Twitter followers to let us know just how important these games are.  What did we do before twitter? How did we know things were important? The answer is –WE DIDN”T!

Trump: Would you buy a used car from this guy?

Donald Trump went on Gretta VanSusters show to announce that he is being honored by the Republican party of Florida as their “Statesman of The Year”. Of course, the Republicans’ idea of a “statesman” is any GOP politician who hasn’t been arrested in an airport men’s room. 

Wow, Statesman of the Year.  And that’s on top being the Douchebag of All Time.   In this interview Trump  puts on a display of neediness and insecurity that is embarrassing even by Trumps standards. 

Harry Riedhas taken the gloves off and is making the charge  that Romney has paid no taxes in the last 10 years. Of course Romney and the republicans are screaming bloody murder. And yes, it is kind of funny that the party that has been running around for the past 3 years asking to see the presidents “Long Form” birth certificate, college records,

Harry Reid: A liberal who won’t back down, confuses media.

passport records, has a problem when someone asks to see their nominee for presidents tax returns. 

Even the media is confused by Harry Reid not backing down and have started to compare Reid to Sen. Joe McCarthy.  Yeah, accusing someone of being a communist, blackballing them from employment and ruining lives is the same thing as asking a billionaire running for president to release his taxes. Another nice false equivalency  by the mainstream media. 

BONUS:  Mike MacRae delights us with another spot on impression of Mitt Romney and his answers to why his campaign is sucking so badly, in a hilarious sketch written by “TV’s Frank”, Frank Conniff. 


With Stef Zamorano, Steve Rosenfield and Carl Kozlowski.

Citigroup CEO is Huge Dick and we can prove it! TJDS on TYT!

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Gore Vidal: Who Gives a shit? –TJDS on TYT!

My Ex And I Got Back Together After A Year



Luke Russert Defends The 1% The Jimmy Dore Show on TYT!

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