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The Jimmy Dore Show 9-14-12


The Jimmy Dore Show Sept 14, 2012

This Week:  



Mitt for entire hour!

Mitt Romney sits in for the entire show!  ANd we let him have it right off the bat with some jokes over his deft handling of the Lybian crisis. Plus Mitt tries to pretend he’s a regular person again by bragging that his wife Ann just bought him a 3-pack of shirts from Costco.  Wow, turns out MItt doesn’t spend $800 on every shirt I buy, and he has the receipt to prove it!  Of course he isn’t going to show you the receipt, that would just give the democrats more ammunition.

Teachers Strike- not for money!

The chicago teachers union is strikingfor the first time in 25 years, and its not over money.  Let me repeat that, it is

not over money. Which is surprising seeing that most people who go into teaching are doing it just for the money and prestige. 


FoxNews Democrat = Not Democrat

We take a look at the Chicago strike through the eyes of  Bob Beckel, who is the resident democrat on the fox news panel, which means he’s not a liberal or a democrat. And turns out he doesn’t support teacher  unions either.  That is one hell of a democrat huh? 


Plus Barack Obama gave a speech in which he promised to kill the people involved in the Lybia embassy attack.  Now I guess I expect him to have to do that, but what makes it seem genuinely creepy is when thousands of people cheer it. I ask if we can plea stop cheering for killing other people sons and daughters.   



I make the case that terrorists have fundamentally changed who we are as a people, and Barack Obama calls in to dispute and clarify.  He makes the case that AMerican values will not be changed by acts of terror.  And I agree with him.  IN fact I was just bragging to a guy feeling me up at the airport  about how tough Americans are and how we don’t let terrorists change us.  


ANd the president calls in to explain what will happen if there is one more terrorist attack on America. (think Logan’s run)


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With Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield and Frank Conniff, with  additional  material by Robert Yasumura. 

The Jimmy Dore Show sept 7, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show Sept 7, 2012

This Week:

Mitt just like you.

Mitt Romney joins us for the first half hour!  We got the Governor  on the phone and he helps us break down the DNC coverage and his impression of the Democrats message.

We learn about Mitt’s other children and all his extra “draft Horse wives” who carried most of their them.  

And Mitt gives us his customary swear off!


Rep. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Kay Bailey Hutchinsonis not only a republican because her name sounds like a jewelry store, but because she is also suffers from  Stockholm Syndrome.  She is given the the impossible task of explaining why women should vote for Romney and the Republicans, and we make fun of it.

A real news person!


Solodad Obrienis turning out to be a real journalist who is setting a new standard  for TV news people. I know what you are thinking: when did they have an “old standard”???  Maybe it is because the news media sucks so hard that Solodad Obrien asking an obvious question stands out like a sore thumb.

Tea Party Express Chairperson

Tea Party Express Chairperson, Amy Kremer recently tweeted We need a president that luv’s our country”. Now I’m no detective, but to me that  sounds kind of like “dog whistle”politics. See, Obama is a secret Muslim foreigner and has black skin.

Solodad confronted her on what exactly she meant by that, and what follows is some of the most cringe worthy backpedaling by one of the most ill equipped ignoramus’s I’ve ever seen on a news show.

Bill Oreilley calls in to make us laugh in a sketch written by Frank Conniff. 

Mike MacRae , the worlds greatest impressionist, is the voice of Mitt Romney, Tom Brokaw, and Bill Orielly 

WIth Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae,Steve Rosenfield and Stef Zamorano

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Mitt Romney Image courtesy of DonkeyHotey

The Jimmy Dore Show august 31, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show August 31, 2012

Thats me.

This Week:



Mitt tells birther “joke”.

Chris Hardball  actually calls Mitt Romney out for his blatant race baiting,  a truth that is   obvious to everyone except news people.  But  Chris Hardball  made the mistake of doing it in front of  Tom Brokaw, who  disagrees with him and quickly sets the  journalistic universe right again with a million dollar false equivalency.

Then we get to witness a room full of  corporate assholes “newspeople”run from the truth at full speed, and manage to  leave the viewer thinking that race baiting is somehow  a problem that both parties have to deal with. Its the Fourth Estate at is worst, with the exception of Chris Hardball, as unusual as that may be.

Ryan’sLies Debunked by FOXNEWS!

Paul Ryan gave a speech that broke records for lying and misinformation.  He was so egregious that even FOX NEWS debunked  and humiliated him.

Tells workers to “tighten their belts”.


Mike MacRae  cracks us up with a show favorite Chris Christie  phone call, and  Ron Paul calls into to explain his refusal to lend his full endorsement of Mitt Romeny and denounce his sone Rand.  Both hilarious calls written by Frank Conniff!


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WIth Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae,