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Jimmy Dore Show Podcast 10-26-12

The Jimmy Dore Show Oct 26, 2012


This Week:

:05  Opening Rant about the most recent and last of three presidential debates.

6:23 Drunk Bill Oreilly calls in.

John Heilemann

7:14  The Media's failure to inform the public about the off-the-charts cravenness of the Republican nominee for president, David Feldman disagree's and it gives me a chance to rant about how broken the news media is. 

15:54 Blame the American People!   Why is the electorate is uninformed and who we should point the finger at.

18:02 Abortion or the Economy?  We break down why people who say women vote more on the economy than abortion are pushing a false choice.

Bill Oreilly.

18:36 Drunk Bill Oreilly call #2

19:23 Donald Trump in makes phony offer to give $5million to charity for Pres. Obama's college and passport records.

20:05TRUMP in STUDIO!! Donald Trump stops by the studio to say hilariously transparent and ignorant stuff.

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Drone Killing

30:00 Chris Christie called me after the FIRST debate but never played the call, so here it is.

32:04 Drone Strikes aka “indiscriminate killing of innocent people without trial”  almost never gets any press time. Joe Klein defends killing Arab 4 year olds with drones cuz “it saves American Lives”. 

43:06 Mourning Remembrances: Jim Earl reads a hilarious obituary of The inventor of the Oreo Cookie. 

47:21:Drunk Bill Oreilly call # 3!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

48:32 Voter Suppression gets explained by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the View as a “tricky situation”, meaning the republicans are magicians when it comes to suppressing the vote of likely democratic voters.

53:43: Drunk Bill Oreilly call #4!

Nov. 3rd The Improv in West Hollywood 8pm see you there!!!

Written by Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Jim Earl, Stef Zamorano

With Ben Zelevansky, David Feldman


TJDS on TYT: Tom Brokaw is still full of shit.

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With Ben Mankiewicz from Turner Classic Movies!


The Jimmy Dore Show Podcast october 19, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show Oct 19, 2012

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This Week:

The Debate turned out to sooth regular people and make the right wing create another alternate reality where black is white and facts are bad things. 

Barack Obama calls in three times  to gloat gloat about the victory of that Governor from “Grecian Formula”. 

MItt Rommneyalso calls in to gloat about his victory at the debate and we have to inform him that he lost.  He doesn't take it well, but we get a lot of laughs out if it anyway. 

Janeane from Des Moines & Rick Santorum

“Janeane from DesMoines”

“Janeane From DesMoines” is my favorite political movie an a long time. Jane Edith Wilson is the stars of the film and plays  Janeane, we catch her in-between screenings and  talk  all about the much needed and important  movie that, among other things, shines a light on the plight of an average American who happens to be a Tea Party member. 

It is a true acting tour de force  from Jane Wilson and a triumph for director  Grace Lee.

Great Newsmen wear Great Pocket Kerchiefs.

Tom Brokaw is still a douche and he sits down with David Gregory on Press The Meet to lets us know that he still consults the 1% for solutions to our problems.

Mike MacRae, America's #1 impressionist performs all the hilarious and amazingly accurate impressionson on this weeks show in sketches written by Frank Conniff and Robert Yasumura. Hiilarious comedian and author of “Mourning Remembrances” Jim Earl and Stef Zamorano join us.


The Jimmy Dore Show podcast 10-12-12


Paul Ryan gets clock cleaned

The Jimmy Dore Show Oct 12, 2012

This Week:  

The Vice Presidential debate was held on thursday, and the big loser is Paul Ryan and the right wing who again felt the need to concoct an alternate reality to deal with an uncomfortable truth truth happening here in the real world.


Chris Wallace:Craven hack

Chris Wallace reveals  his affinity for making transparently craven political attacks that bear no relationship to events happening in reality. Chris does his absolute best to feign outrage over Joe Biden’s use of the words “malarkey”, “stuff”, and “these guys”.  Yes, those were the “bad words” Chris wallace had his bush in a knot over.

Barack Obama calls in THREE TIMES to explain why he sucked so badly in the first debate.  Mike MacRae does the best  Barack Obama impression anywhere in sketches written by Robert Yasumura.

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Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank!  Everyone’s most favorite and bestest thing ever is back and as funny as ever, if you’ve never enjoyed Rip Torn as performed by Mike MacRae than you are in for a real treat.

Jack Welchmade lots of people money by dumping PCB’s into the the Hudson River, polluting the ecology, and never paying for

Jack Welch: Trades in his integrity on a goof.

the clean-up. Plus he did some real bad things too. Now he proves that he is just as big a crazy as Donald Trump with less of the gift for gab. Jack Welch gets taken apart by Chris Matthews and we laugh along. 

We manage to get Jack on the phone for an interview immediately after he had gotten done gargling with broken glass and sand, and he sounds absolutely great in a sketch written by Frank Conniff. 

David Feldman and Stef Zamorano round out our panel.

Charicature of Paul Ryan done by the amazing DonkeyHotey!





TJDS on TYT: Undecided Voters and Their Broken Brains.

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TJDS on TYT: Pat Robertson's Wife Beating Advice.

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