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RIght Wing Freak Out Over Election Continues, And We Laugh At It!

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The Jimmy Dore Show Podcast nov. 30, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show Nov 30, 2012

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This Week:

:04 Steve Rosenfield Rant

6:39 Climate change  on Morning Joe–Should we try and prepare? Thats an actaul question they ask.

14:11 CEO’s of Goldman Sachs and CEO of Honeywell demand cuts to medicare and social security.

25:00 White house spokesperson says we gotta cut medicare and medicaid

26:55 Jim Earl reads from ““Mourning Remembrance”” his book of funny obituaries.

32:33 Jim Cramer from  CNBC gives the worst advice ever

42:47 Joh Boehner calls in

45:45 Fire in a garment factory in Bangladesh, Fox news calls it a “step in right direction”.

52:57 Reporter tells truth about Banghazi on Fox News and the immediately cut his mic.

55:57 Maaureen Dowd calls in

The voice of John Boehner performed by Mike MacRae, in a sketch written by Robert Yasumura

Maureen Dowd played by Stef Zamorano in a sketch written by  Frank Conniff,


TJDS on TYT: Luke Russert -Nancy Pelosi Too Old!

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Luke Russert Tells Nancy Pelosi She's Too Old, and calls in to explain!


The Jimmy Dore Show Podcast 11-23-12

The Jimmy Dore Show Nov 23, 2012
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TJDS on TYT: Mitt Romney calls in.


You wont believe what Mitt Romney has been doing since the election.

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TJDS on TYT: OMG! We mock Dinesh D'souza

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