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Comedy & Everything Else ep #147 Gary Gulman Part 2!

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 147

writing an argumentative essay
This Week:  Gary Gulman Part 2!

  • Tracey Morgan and  EXACTLY why it affends Gary
  • Who is the next Jerry Seinfeld?
  • When is it a good time to watch depessing documentaries, the answer is Hilarious!
  • Gary gets in someone’s face @ Starbucks!

Hope you are having a fun SUMMER!

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Great two parter!
I watched some of Tourgasm a while back on youtube just because I like train wrecks and certainly Gary came off as the best of that mess- although when he left halfway, he should have never came back…Anyhow, he really comes across as a thoughtful and truly humorous dude here- especially the Starbucks story. He definitely took the high road there…

Please Jimmy, where do you find the information about baggage fees. This analyst disagrees and I’d like to know what’s true. Thanks! P.S. Your Leno impression continues to get funnier.

“If it weren’t for the fees, the airlines would most likely be losing money,” said Jim Corridore, airline analyst with Standard & Poor’s.

Hey Scott,

Here you go,
It appears that Southwest has never charged baggage fee’s and they have consequently stolen market share from those who don’t.

SO they may be making profits off the baggage fee’s but it comes at an even grater cost, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Thank you, Jimmy Dore. His NAME is Weiner. That’s his name: WEINER.

Btw, I know you’re bad with names but you realize Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin and his email probably isn’t Just trying to be funny and apparently failing.

Thanks for putting up with my typo’s. “Grater”?

Jimmy, just keep up with the podcasts. I really look forward to that shit!