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Comedy & Everything Else # 165

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Comedy andEverything Else Episode #165

This week we find out that Todd is Gay. Yes, some of you already knew, lots of you suspected, but now it is official. And we learn that  to be friends with Todd is to be constantly surprised

Plus Jonathan Corbett the host of my favorite new podcast “Dream Tweet” sits in with us to talk about THE BACHELOR! Yes, the show we love to hate and make fun of is back and we take a look at the first episode.

It is the presidential primary season and two of the front runners made some seriously hilarious gaffs recently: Mitt Romney  who has been criticized for being a “Vulture Capitalist” and a guy that made money by destroying good paying jobs, recently proclaimed “I like being able to FIRE PEOPLE”. Well, that oughta reassure people that you are a real “regular guy”.

And religious zealot Rick Santorum is back on the ‘race baiting” trail in full force. He recently told a room full of white people that he doesn’t want to “Give blacks other peoples money”, and then he denied saying it because apparently Rick Santorum doesn’t understand how video works.

And the nicest Christian to ever gay bash in a commercial, Rick Perry, calls in to look back on the presidential campaign.

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

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Hurray for Todd! I was one of the suspecting ones. I heard him playing the pronoun game too often…
Cheers and best wishes to Todd, one of my top 5 favorite comics!

In Japan the custom is still to remove one’s shoes when entering a domicile. All houses,schools and the nicer restaurants (places that tend towards carpeting or tatami) have a small/large cabinet in the entrance way for a person to place their shoes and borrow a pair of slippers (if they didn’t bring their own). Public places like shops and office buildings do not follow the custom as they tend to have tiles, wood or linoleum (though it might be appropriate to remove the shoes when entering a particular person’s office such as a principal or CEO).
If it’s worth anything, the practice isn’t only about cleanliness and avoiding tracking mud throughout the home (though that may be the primary purpose); it also tends to be a cue (subconscious perhaps) that one can ease into a more relaxed emotional state and be somewhat more personal/friendly (if appropriate).

You guys do such a great show. Good comedy with heart. I am reluctant to criticize but, I have noticed a pattern that has become so predictable that I think about it as the webpage loads. Where, oh where will the typos be this week.

Someone needs to proof read your stuff before you publish these posts.

“we talk a look at the first episode” I think that should be ‘take’ a look.

“other peoples money” This is possessive and requires an apostrophe, ‘peoples’ money’

If it were once in a blue moon I wouldn’t go out of my way to mention it. But it’s every week. I don’t think it reflects well on you and your show. Especially because you want and I want you to call out stupid republicans and to do this with credibility you need to be beyond reproach.

Other than that, you’re golden.

A lot of cities have professional orchestras devoted to classical music (and other sorts, but obviously most often classical), but many of them are looking for donations Big Time, too. The Philadelphia Symphony Orch is one which is in dire financial straits. Some smaller cities manage to have volunteer orchestras, not altogether unlike the way they have volunteer fire departments, only oddly Brahms emergencies only occasionally break out. I enjoyed a few performances by the Nashua Symphony when I lived in NH as a kid.

There is quite a large chunk of the world where you can still insult other people by “pointing” the soles of your feet at them, which oddly enough seems to spring from the same notions as the desire to get people out of their shoes before entering domiciles, etc.

And unless your toilet seats make an airtight fight on the bowl, you’re not gaining Too much by putting the seats down before flushing. Maybe just a bit of microspray.

Odd typo, that last…airtight fit. Tight fight, eh, Brian Williams?

I assumed Todd come out on his last show of Comedy and Everything Else when he said one of the reasons he was leaving was because he was tired of you talking about heterosexual sex all the time and he did not relate.

I suspected Todd was gay; how many straight guys own multiple chafing dishes? :)

Hey Jimmy, I just wanted to drop by and let you know I really like how goofy you were able to get with Jonathan in this episode. He’s a great asset to the podcast and I look forward to more episodes with him. I was laughing pretty hard during the bachelor bits about ‘i wish you could meet my dad’.

p.s. Todd’s boyfriend’s name is Dodd

I studied too much microbiology in college, and work in the genetics lab at UCLA where we have to practice careful aseptic technique to culture human cells for cytogenetic (chromosome) analysis. Bacteria are indeed everywhere, and many of them are termed “fecal” bacteria (because they are abundant in fecal material). Our immune systems are able to defend against most, but not all, bacterial invaders… but the idea behind hygiene and infection control is to minimize the numbers and amount you are exposed to (as much as possible). (I know I overuse the parentheses, but I cannot help it.)
Last year a doctor gave a presentation to us lab people about how many patients were getting infected with a rare terrible bacterium after being operated on at UCLA. It turned out that one particular anesthesiologist was present during their surgical procedures… with further investigation it was determined that that anesthesiologist had been FLATULENT constantly during the surgeries, and his “emissions” contained the pathologic bacteria that infected the patients’ surgical wounds. Horrible! And that demonstrates how FARTS are not only NOT FUNNY, but are actually spreading “fecal” bacteria from one human to another. At the end of the presentation I asked if they now required that anesthesiologist to wear a “mask” over his ass while he’s in the O.R. My question got a big laugh but no answer, unfortunately.
Guess what kind of bathrooms do NOT usually have seats to close, even if people were willing to be considerate of others? Public bathrooms. Hurray.

But I am 100% certain they have since taken measures to prevent such infection sources in the O.R. since that source was discovered.

And one more thing….
OCD is a disabling disorder for which I have myself had to seek treatment. Indeed, at one time I would have to wash my car at least twice a week, always cleaned my steering wheel and door handles with alcohol before touching them, clean my apt. floor on hands and knees at least once a week, and always required people to remove their shoes before entering… if I ever even invited or allowed people into my apartment. I would not go to a movie theater because the seats were fabric, so could not be wiped down / disinfected. I wouldn’t touch a doorknob or handle without a paper towel or glove.
With therapy (behavioral) and a low dose of Lexapro, I am now (pretty much) normal, and though I sometimes still think about these things, I have learned how to not let the anxiety rule my life or control me. I wish I had gotten help sooner! [OCD is an anxiety disorder.]
I’d highly recommend the therapy and Lexapro to Jerry Lewis and anyone eise who is a “nut bar” about germs and contamination.

To everyone who cringes at my typo’s: My apologies, I am working on it.

Phil: Chaffing dishes have outed more people than anything else.

Pelkey: the farting doctor story drives me crazy. So now we have to worry about people in the operating room farting!?!?!? If the guy is wearing pants doesn’t that do the same thing as a surgical mask?

ANd if his pants don’t work to stop fecal contamination and infection of patients, what does??

I know, Jimmy. Exactly. I think maybe that doc was not wearing underwear, just the scrubs….. believe it or not, they’ve had to make an official “WORK RULE” that docs and nurses wear proper undergarments beneath their scrubs. [Because apparently it was a PROBLEM that docs and nurses were going “commando”.]

I just started listening to your show and I have to say I’m hooked. It’s been a while since I’ve laughed this much and that hard at your commentary over the Bachelor. Love it!

I must disagree with the whole shoe thing presented in this show, in Finland it is considered extremely rude to wear shoes inside and it has nothing to do with health, it is just good mnners not so soil the hosts floor. When I was in Germany and visited my friends family there I was considered odd for not wearing shoes inside, maybe USA is the same.