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Comedy & Everything Else # 167 Becky Pedigo, Heather Peters & Honda Hybrids

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Comedy andEverything Else Episode #167

This Week:

Beck Pedigo is the star of her own Comedy Central Special and now the Author “Killing Me Softly With Jazz Hands”,  her collection of stories about traveling the country doing stand up comedy. Yes she is darkly sarcastic and describes her comedy as a shot of Tequila, and I have to agree. Plus becky and I had an argument on facebook, and we relive it and resolve it.

Heather Peters bought a Honda Civic Hybrid and cuz they are supposed to get 50 miles to the gallon, but like me, she got waaaaaay less than that.  Honda, like all good corporations, decided to screw over its customers and not compensate them for the shitty performance their cars deliver.   Well, Heather decided to take them to court, small claims court, and BEAT HONDA to the tune of $9,800 !!!

Jonathan Corbett, the host of DREAM TWEET sits in and provides a big dose of hilarity.

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Jimmy, explain how retard is off limits cuz it hurts someones feelings but jokes about Sandusky or other rape is not? Don’t know the answer, just wondering about consistency in your comic ethics. You’d convinced me long ago that comedy has no PC limits whether I’m insulted or not, and then you put Jay from best of the left on the show to respond cuz you hurt his feelings. Just so you know my opinion, jokes about child rape are sad sad sad.

Cocksucking Retards as read By faggots~!!

If nothing else comes from this great interview, please do make some hay out of that title. It’s bristling too much with inappropriateness to not be the title of some great comedy.

Who performed the “look at your phone” song at the top of the show?

Ah, found it! “Look at Your Phone” is by Karen Kilgariff (


Not jokes about child rape, jokes about a child rapist and his shitty lawyer. So that would be the difference.

If you think my comedy about the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandal was out of line, I would love for you to quote one of them so I can address it specifically.