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Comedy & Everything Else Ep. #157 Bill Burr, Eddie Pepitone, David Feldman, Matt Mira

Bill Burr: "They don't know how to make lips yet"

Eddie Pepitone: "9-11 is now a commercial for the pentagon"

Matt Mira, watched 9-11 from Boston

David Feldman: “I threatened to punch a guy in a wheelchair over 9-11”

Holy Shit, we got a lot of people on this weeks show.!!!

We talk to Bill Burr, Eddie Pepeitone, Matt Mira and David Feldman

to get their reactions to the way 9-11 is remembered in the media and our country in general. Plus Gov. Rick Perry calls in and says a lot of hilariously dumb shit.

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Comedy and Everything Else Episode 157

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show 157 – there doesnt seem to be a download link

No can hear #157. Need link.

Also: I’m greatly looking forward to attending the LR&R show this Friday in Hollywood! The last show at the Nerd was twice the entertainment! A thought: are there any particular cables or peripherals audience members might bring, kind of like a digital potluck? Love you guys!

Now can hear… thank you!

Absolutely *&%&^@#@ Brilliant!!! great show,Jimmy Dore as soon as I get a decent Job I want to give you 10%, but only on Sunday’s. luv ya SS

Great show!!

Hey Jimmy, just wanted to note that I’m pretty sure @rippedlikejesus is Greg Behrendt’s twitter handle.

Hi guys,

Long-time listener, recurring monthly donor, big big big BIG lover of your show.

Jimmy, really great show this week. Appreciated the effort you put into the editing — 80 hrs, you said?! — it was very well put together.

My only complaint — and I’m sorry Steph, I love you very much — was the bedding music. It was, uh… yuck. I like the other stuff you usually use much more.

And you know what else? I’m a jazz tenor sax player with a funky organ quartet up here in Eastern Canada and would be happy to send you some of our stuff for you to use for free if you really do dig the sound of the organ… Just hit me with an e-mail if you’re really interested.

Big love,

Great episode! Of course 9/11 was a national tragedy but what’s even more sickening is how it’s been used for a decade now as an excuse to dismantle our country, stifle dissent, murder our soldiers, and gradually dissolve our rights. C&EE is one of my favorite podcasts but it’s also depressing in that it often paints a pretty bleak picture of where things are headed for the U.S.

Dustin, glad you like the show, please send along any and all music!!

Eric, I tell the truth as I see it and hopefully throw in some jokes along the way. Thanks for listening!

ANd thanks for the heads up RIch!

Yes, looking back at my previous comment I should have also added that C&EE is consistently hilarious and engaging, which is of course the reason I keep listening. Thanks for podcasting, Mr. Dore.

Thanks Eric, we appreciate the compliment! Glad you like the show!!

Does she really need to laugh so fucking loud in the background? It’s annoying. It’s like she’s a drunk aunt doing it for attention.