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Comedy & Everything Else ep # 164 Jonathan Corbett Adam Spiegelman

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #164

Adam Spiegelman and Jonathan Corbett

I listened to the new podcast game show “Dream Tweet” hosted by Jonathan Corbett and produced by Adam Spiegelman, and I immediately asked them to come on the show and play a game with us.

Jonathan Corbett is one of the funniest guys I know, quick witted and always on point, you will get a full dose as he deals with two of the worst Dream Tweet players yet–Stef and me.

Plus Jesse Ventura has been absent from the Republican primaries and he calls in to let us know why, and threatens to kill half the Republican presidential  candidates. Special thanks to the multi-talented James Adomian for providing the voice of Jesse Ventura, it is truly amazing.  And  special thanks to TV’s Frank Conniff for writing such a hilarious phone call!!

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Hey Jimmy,

I’m Big fan of the show. Quick question. Are my comments being deleted because they contain too many links (maybe you see it as spamming)? Is it the bad grammer/spelling? Or is it all the hate speech? Perhaps all three?

Anyway love the show Jimmy.

p.s. Jimmy you know for every link I post here I post 5 url’s on other sites. Links are just a quick/lazy way to pass on an idea. I see it as a great way to non-financially support good people, like your self. I don’t see it as spamming but I will stop if you find that’s the problem. Besides Jimmy less than half of the JimmyDore links I post are related to a racist tirade. They are usually on the topic of BattleStar Galactica (1978), Hello Kitty or my love for cfnm porn. You tell me. How do you know if she is a nurse if her outfit is kicked under the bed? You got to do one of two things, keep the outfit on or pan to her degree on the wall. Its that simple.

Great show Jimmy. Love the political talk, love the comedy, and the talk about comedy. Didn’t Jim Carrey retire from comedy a long time ago?

IMHO, the show doesn’t need to be so polished.