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Comedy & Everything Else ep. #168

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #168

This week:

False Equivalencies : Did you know that going on a three day tirade that uses lies and misinformation to slander and sexually demean a female law student is exactly the same thing as calling Sarah Pallin a “twat”? Well according to a lot of people who don’t

Rush Limbaugh = Bill Maher & Frank Conniff?

have a clue, it is. Yes because, if you don’t think about it, a bomb throwing Governor with a penchant for misinformation, hate rhetoric, and dog whistle politics is exactly the same thing as law student testifying on behalf of women’s health.

We also find out that making an ironic joke about sexuality is exactly the same thing as a well thought out, deliberate, ugly, slanderous, misogynistic, mean spirited, continual three day character assassination and campaign of intimidation by the most powerful media figure with the biggest megaphone in the country, against a powerless citizen.

As I have explained on my KPFK show, ridicule aimed at the powerful is called “comedy”. Ridicule aimed at the powerless is called “bullying”. I have not heard anyone else in the media make that point, and am always stunned to see people on television talking about this without ever mentioning this fact.

Too easy to make fun of?

Don’t worry, we didn’t stop watching the bachelor, and yes, it got even dumber. Why Stef and I like to poke fun at thisparticular reality show is hard to say.

Maybe it is because it turns normal dating rituals and norms on its head. Or maybe it is because it is fun to watch people try to pretend there isn’t a camera crew in their face the

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entire time they are trying to fall in love for ever.

Maybe it’s because they just say and do lots of mind blowingly dumb stuff that brings us joy to make fun of? Either way, we play two more clips from the show and make fun of them.

We are joined by my good pal and hilarious comedian Keith Lowell Jensen who treats us to my favorite knock-knock joke of all time.

Kieth Lowell Jensen punches you with jokes

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Margaret Sanger wasn’t alone; Emma Goldman was as strong an advocate for access to prophylaxis, as well as for modern art, sexual liberation, religious freedom and freedom from religion, economic democracy and, of course, anarchism generally. Goldman, however, didn’t have the unfortunate taint of eugenics about her statements that Sanger did at times. And, of course, both of them had colleagues in the dissemination of the information and the prophylactics as well…Ralph Ingersoll, the persistent agnostic troublemaker, being among the men…


Thanks for proving that we have the smartest listeners of any comedy podcast in the whole wide world.

Well, thanks for providing such a fine set of podcasts/archives of broadcast and other electronic media…and I had a middle-aged moment above, referring to leftist newspaper publisher and NEW YORKER guy Ralph Ingersoll when I meant Robert Ingersoll…

This is a great episode. I for one love the Bachelor talk. I’ve never heard of those SF comics before but I’ll look them up now. They were really funny! As always great show Steph and Jimmy!

I also love the Bachelor breakdowns. I enjoy when you ridicule the ridiculous whether that it is in the political realm or reality TV.

I have never watched the Bachelor, but really enjoy hearing your recaps of it. For what it’s worth, I also love your breakdowns of the performances at the White House Correspondents’ Dinners (and any discussion of Jay Leno’s comedy).

Retard only refers to people who have a certain IQ so you can use the IQ that only retards have. A lot of special needs children are smarter then republicunts. I love these podcasts thank you for all the uploads.