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Comedy & Everything Else ep. # 170 Steve Skrovan

Comedy andEverything Else Episode#170
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This Week:

Steve Skrovan is a talented comedian, writer for Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond. He makes the trip to Pasadena to  tell us how the world

Steve Skrovan tells us how the world really works.

really works. He has tales of working with Larry David and Jerry Sienfeld that are sure to surprise and entertain.

Steve is also putting together a power packed stand-up show this Sunday April 29th @ the Wirters guild theater and it is going to be a great one. Look at this line-up

Ray Romano, Marc Maron, Dana Gould, Eric Rivera, RIck Overton, and  more!  Click here for tickets and we will see you there!

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Loved the Skrovan Show! As always you delivered a smart funny show and this time with a GREAT, socially positive message! Jimmy, ahead of the curve in so many ways- THANK YOU! P.S. thanks for mentioning your appearance on ardent atheist on the David Feldman show. . . I only listen to it when you’re on. Keep up the funny and thanks for being one of the smartest and most savvy political minds in all the media.

Ummmm…where is the little red arrow thingy? I can’t play the Steve Skrovan episode. I am having a SHIT-FIT! Help me!

I just downloaded it from the rss:

hope it works!

Sorry about the link! All is well and it is fixed now!

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