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Comedy & Everything Else ep# 173 Tony Camin

Comedy andEverything Else Episode#173

Tony Camin showing his warm side for the ladies.



Camin is co-creator of The Marijuana-Logues an Off-Broadway comedy show he wrote and performed along with Arj Barker and Doug Benson with a year-long run at The Actors Playhouse in New York City.

Tony is the one on the right.





Camin currently performs at comedy clubs throughout the United States. He has appeared at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, the Just for Laughs FestivalBumbershoot as well as on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.


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Finally! Thank you!!

I remember this show, I loved it.


Watching you right now on TYT. Fuck Jimmy! Get the people in the background to shut the fuck up. Don’t they have a red light or common sense or something. If I was there Id be all Shushie J. McShusherton on everybody. Get this shit handled. Thanks buddy.

Mat: YOu are welcome.

David: It did get a little too chatty for my taste too.

Great way to get this portion of the empire rolling again! Regarding your closing comments that everybody and thier jag-off brother has a podcast, it’s good to know that i’m not one of the jag-off brothers since i don’t have a podcast. At worst, i’m just a jerk-off brother. Love ya bro!

Jimmy, we need a final Comedy and Everything Else for closure. I feel like you broke up with me and never told me the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” spiel. I really need to know why your so fucked up you can’t see me any more!

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