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Comedy & Everything Else episode # 162 Christian Finnegan, Rip Torn

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #162 Christian Finnegan

Herman Cain wipes his brow after a hard day of lying and smearing his female accusers.

We’re Back!  with a show choc’ full of  shit,  in a good way.

We Start with a phone call with Herman Cain who is genuinely pissed off when we inform that he can’t keep the money he raises for his campaign, and then keeps Jimmy on the line for no reason what-so- ever.

Christian Finnegan was in town taping a set for Conan so we took advantage and asked him to sit down with us at the KPFK studio’s and tell us all about everything, including the “fracking” that is happening under the his new house, how he found the UCB and discovered he was really a stand-up, how is Conan went, and his stern  advice for the talented , and lots more!

Plus: it s the first installment of Rip Torn‘s “Hollywood Drunk Tank”, hosted by the one and only Rip Torn!

In the first episode, Rip bemoans the conviction  of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray  for “involuntary manslaughter”, and says we should call it what it is: A Miss Carriage Of Justice!. And  Miley Cyrus  got caught smoking pot and Rip says we should be thankful that Miley Cyrus is smoking pot to make all the “smart talkin” go away!

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Current TV my ass! How do feel about cheering on a channel owned by the guy that tried to bring Joe Lieberman to the white house? Not to mention all the fraudulent advertising. Every second ad is either a drug scam or their trying to rip off my grandma with pc clean.

Here is a link to watch it on the internet

I’m glad they gave TYT money and a studio. I was worried that TYT would tone down the show for current, pleasantly surprised to see that didn’t happen. I see why current wanted TYT and except for the money I don’t think TYT needs current. Same goes for Keith Olbermann. Nobody that’s informed goes to the tv for news.

Thanks for the show Jimmy.

Hey I got one of those proflowers trees and it’s awesome. We weren’t going to do a tree this year but I’m glad we got this and supported the show since we’re total broke ass pieces of shit and have yet to do so. You are great and your shows are awesome and I’m trying to plan a trip out to LA to see the subversive show. Thank you Jimmy and Stef and JDS crew! Merry Xmas!

So…what are the big changes, Jimmy? You mentioned them, but didn’t detail…and a Stef-free show is always sadder to that extent.

Ever catch Link TV? The closest analog to Pacifica on television, and another reason to get the satellite services…the Documentary Channel, despite endless commercials, isn’t too shabby, either.

Thank Christ you are back! We miss C&EE when it’s not on our iPods, Jimmy. Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank is terrific!
And that Herman Cain call is one to share, for sure!
How much $$ is Moron holding out for, anyway? I miss hearing Therese and him having their loving quiet conversations.

Christian’s thoughts on Massachusetts…SPOT ON! Very funny.

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