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Hey guy’s this was the best show yet .I know it’s old but the dynamic between Jimmy(who is way on top of the Politics) & Todd who couldn”t give a fuck about politics until it affects him is absolutely awsome! I would love to support your show but would rather pay you cash,as I am in a nasty divorce and have to account for all expenses,call me asap ! PS I am moving out of town this week and would love to speak to a REP. or assistant have someone call me! a few weeks ago a client came over to get his GTR fixed and I said “have you heard Jimmy Dore ? and he said yes “he’s a friend of mine! His name is Bart Coleman & he works for Craig Furgeson. Anyway this world is soo small I fix GTRS for rockstars& so would love to introduce them to you! and I know that you know these people are sometimes a pain in the ass,but sometimes we can’t get in the Venue unless we know them! I know you are very busy but I don’t need to talk to you, just someone who loves you and is on your team! Sammy 626-905-0745 ASAP PS DONT POST THIS!!!

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