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Episode 102 with Kyle Cease

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 102

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:

As we thought it would, the Kyle Cease episode last week did cause a lot of controversey (it sure did!), and before you listen to this second half, if you haven’t listened to Doug Stanhope’s assessment of the Kyle Cease / Louie Anderson comedy Stand Up Boot Camp, please do so. You won’t understand what this show is about without reading it. Doug’s post is what prompted this whole episode and made Kyle want to come on this show to address his critics. Most people understand what it’s about, but some people who aren’t comics may not understand what’s happening, and the Doug Stanhope post will really help.

This episode also features interviews with comics and gets their opinions on this story as well, including Neil Brennan (co-creator of the Chappelle Show), Brian McKim (of Schecky Magazine), and we even sit down with an instructor from the Stand Up Boot Camp and he tells us what the difference between a stand up comedy boot camp and a real boot camp. We also talk to the talent booker of one of the top clubs in the country.

All this and much, much more on this episode of Comedy and Everything Else.

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The more I listen to the comedians who come on your show, my opinion has changed from 50-50 to 90% against this “boot camp” Keeping in mind of course I have no idea what being a stand-up is like, I get the feeling that being a truly great stand-up is going through he hardships and KEEP GOING. Maybe getting encouragement from fellow stand-ups here and there and learning the rhythm, the timing, dealing with bad audiences…it’s an art form. The other part of being against this is the predatory nature of this “boot camp” on a vulnerable community (also gathered insight on that from Mentalpod). I hate being cynical but I saw a YouTube clip called “The Opener” with you talking to Jim Tuse. THAT’S how it happens. I love that clip. “Comedy is suppose to be fun..not whatever your making it into” I mean the Nine Inch Nails music playing behind the ad for the “boot-camp”…left me feeling icky. And that goes for paying $3000 for “Mastery class”. Mastery comes from going through the flames. As a side note I AM NOW A GREAT PERSON!!! Or is that when you donate monthly? Well I feel better anyway lol. I forgot I had 5 bucks left on my Paypal account. It is now yours :) <3 I think it went through anonymously…screw humility (this time anyway)!

sigh. sorry. I just read the Doug Stanhope article. Change that to 100% against. This “boot camp” thing is just gross. I was trying to think they really wanted to help people. I was holding out hope…”nope” to hope on that.

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