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Episode 111 – Kyle Cease Stand Up Bootcamp Wrap Up

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 111
a persuasive essay

Kyle Cease and the Stand Up Bootcamp wrap up show!

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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I…HATE…Kyle Cease. I listened to this, then ep 110, then this one AGAIN. He gives a bad name to people who ACTUALLY want to lead a successful happy life, and have mutually helpful relationships. It’s people like him that make people cynical. Betting your success against a charity? If he helps enough comedians HE will get on SNL?????? That one didn’t even make any sense!!!! Please don’t let him help you with your…ANYTHING. He will rot it from the inside. He mixes just enough good advice with his rot so that you keep listening. But that’s why you get tired from listening to him. Not just that he goes on and on. He’s a soul sucker. Bless you for being so kind to him but…I HATE Kyle Cease. And Louie Anderson.