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Episode 115 with Danny Bevins

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 115

Danny Bevins heats things up!

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:

Danny Bevin

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Danny is such a fucking moron!!! He talks abouts assholes? He’s the biggest asshole of them all! Talk about being a willful ignorant piece of shit. I hope Jimmy has Danny on again to show how wrong and stupid he was.

Wow Danny is crazy. He doesn’t have logic to anything he was saying. He was stumbling to prove that he doesn’t know things. This is messed up. Obama was never left and never will be. I don’t think Obama or Danny know anything about facts.

Facts are facts there is 0 liberal bias to it. I bet Danny would want the other side to republicans still wanting a government shutdown.

states have control over bars smoking. They have outdoor areas of bars you can smoke it. Smoke also kills other peoples. My question to him is why should be have the freedom to murder me? This guy is crazy. This guy needs to look up who wanted to ban sodas but keep the worst sodas for people. Here is a hint it was a repubicunt.

Danny needs to talk to Andy Kindler. Andy Kindler is another Obamabot. I think they would get along great.

Cenk needs to tell this guy off. Cenk knows more then this loon. I remember Cenk talked a little bit about what was said in this podcast but I forget because I have no short term memory only long. I will remember what Cenk said soon enough