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Episode 128 with Paul F. Tompkins, Part 2

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 128

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:
Paul F. Tompkins is our special guest! This is part two of a two-part episode!

Paul F. Tompkins, Stef Zamorano, and Jimmy Dore

Paul F. Tompkins, Stef Zamorano, and Jimmy Dore // Photo by Paul Bartunek

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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hi — enjoyed your show today. just wanted to add re: Pat Buchanan, that i am not quite as amazed as you at his pro-union remarks. Not that i am a fan of his, i’m a constant kpfk listener. But i remember in the 2000 election and all the dirty tricks in Florida. He remarked about some fishy returns in a neighborhood of older Jewish people that he didn’t believe that they had actually voted for him, as the fix would have it — (rather than for Nader or Gore). I respected him for speaking the truth that way. He’s not evil in the way Chaney is…but then, who is!
Thanks for your show, helped his Wisconsinite smile today:)

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