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Episode 129 with Todd Glass

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 129

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:
Part one of a two-part episode with fan-favorite Todd Glass!

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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Jimmy, I would never comment on a mistake made in the podcast – and it has NOTHING to do with your point – but Brett Favre only won 1 Superbowl. The only reason I’m writing this is that I don’t want that narcissistic asshole to get more credit than he deserves! He has more pictures of his limp dick on his cellphone than he does Superbowl Rings!

Great podcast, as always!

stop with the 2 part episodes pls..just my opinion…finish an epp! LOVE U GUYS THO

I don’t know if I would listen so much to the person who can’t complete a proper sentence, no offense intended. I love the two part episodes, it’s a perfect reason to keep the conversations nice and long. I’m a big fan, keep up the great work.

Yay comments. Love hearing Todd again, as always.

@ Michael Kaitis

So you like hearing one of your favorite podcast and getting half way there then going to part 2 of a conversation next week?

Do you enjoy your movies this way? play half of it, then think “im good”…i’ll watch the next hour or so next week..

either way…just my opinion, as i stated in my original comment, love the show.

So glad you two like the bottle opener! Being mentioned in the same episode in which Todd Glass talks about Justin Bieber was truely awesome. Love love love the show.

Hey Jimmy,

I love the podcast. I was wondering if you were ever going to talk about waiting for superman? I thought it was interesting. Did stef think that the movie grossly oversimplified the problems of education, blaming the unions, not focusing enough on parents, and poor funding, etc? The child lottery was really messed up. Hope you have a good day.

Was wondering same thing as Kate – would like to hear Stef & you on “Waiting for Superman.” Also, glad you… enjoyed? admired? were awestruck? horrified? all these at once and more?… by the talking Dennis Miller doll. Awaiting riffs with delight. I did not have the courage to go past 4-5 of his comments before I had to stop. Wish they’d had the NC-17 “dirty” version for comparison. And re: the clothes, Stef (She Who Notices Everything!) — leisure suit, desert-type jacket, or cheap styling for a suitjacket? Which did you think? I’m going wi/leisure suit, but that might just be spite at DM. The jacket did delight me in all its pocket-less, big-collared horror.

Hey Sal,

Yes, thanks for reminding me about it, I thought it was too late to talk about the movie, but now it seems really relevant again.

Sorry to hear that the second half of the Todd Glass episode was lost.

Remember if a digital file doesn’t exist in 3 places in doesn’t exist. You can also record to two different hard drives at once.

Just thought I’d share a tech tip

THANK YOU for producing this wonderful podcast!

Hey Becky, Would you be so kind as to tell me exactly what are those THREE places are and I will double check?



really bummed about the lose of the sencond part of this one, as is everyone i’m sure.

regan told me to tell you guys to “take luck”

That’s a shame, I was really looking forward to it! I guess you’ll just have to have Todd on again soon because we love him so!

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