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Episode 137 with Jimmy Pardo

Comedy and Everything Else Episode 137

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:

From the Pardcast and Conan, Jimmy Pardo!

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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didn’t laugh once but LOVED that you guys were honest and raw… great going!

I agreed with Jimmy’s side re: the Kyle Cease episodes, but I could appreciate Pardo’s side. The part where he was talking about how he didn’t agree with the disclaimers in the middle of Kyle’s “positivity” talk .. it would have been funny for Jimmy (Dore) to do a disclaimer in the middle saying something like “now here’s some more boring shit where Pardo doesn’t agree with me, feel free to fast forward” ;o)

A great conversation and compelling listening.

HOWEVER, I must express my disappointment in BOTH Jimmys when, in talking about the rough,racist section of Chicago, Pardo said, ” You know the South Side of Chicaco…..” and as the sentence trailed off into silence NEITHER ONE replied, ” Is the baddest part of town”.

What’s wrong with you clowns make us laugh – dance for us monkeys!! (/Sarcasm)

Really people? Can’t enjoy an intelligent and interesting discussion? Great episode, love both Jimmy’s and they both made good points on both side. I happen to side with J.D but a very engaging episode :) – Good job

I haven’t finished this episode, but I’m through the big Kyle Cease part at the beginning. I can see where Jimmy Pardo is coming from and I like that he presented that point, but as a listener I agreed much more with Jimmy Dore. When the actual episodes were coming out, I just felt that Jimmy was just getting frustrated with Kyle, and so anything that seemed somewhat biased I attributed to irritation. That being said, Jimmy did have a point about the drops. I didn’t take them the way he did at all, but now that he’s pointed it out I can see how they could take away from the point of the whole thing. Anyway, love you guys and love Jimmy Pardo, can’t wait to listen to the rest of the episode on my way to work and this weeks Never Not Funny after work.

I found Jimmy Pardo annoying. He didn’t need to keep pretending to be disinterested in the Kyle Cease thing before just stating his take on it.

Also he kept saying Dore was biased and unfair. You don’t have to be neutral on an issue to still give someone a fair chance to make their point. Do *journalists* have to have a neutral opinion of everyone they interview?

Jimmy Dore bout your statement (that parents would say you’re not a parent and you think that’s valid).. you don’t like how animals in factory farms are treated? well are you a commercial farmer? don’t like oil spills? well have you tried being an oil company?.. etc..

Love your show in general!.. In this ep though I kept wanting to say to Pardo, “say what you want to say already.. stop w/ the ‘I bang your drum’.. and meandering..” esp closer to the beginning. Oh well it was still interesting and Jimmy Dore was still great!

I like both of your podcasts,but Pardo was completely off base with his assessment of the Kyle Cease shows. I am shocked as well with Pardo’s reaction to Jimmy’s treatment of Kyle. From my perspective, the seminars were completely exploitave of young comedians. It seems very apparent that Louie Anderson and Kyle were trying to make a buck on peoples dreams. Jimmy Dore and Steph thanks for my free gift I will donate more when my finances are better. Keep up the good work!

Jimmy Pardo was right on the money on the Cease interview and it was good to have a professional say it. Then Jimmy Dore was so insulted that I’m sure it’ll be the last time someone says it. Nothing like someone saying, “this is a great conversation and I’m glad your brought that up”. If your boss ever says that to you, start cleaning out that desk.

Glad you all liked the show, I sure did!


Great episode. I really appreciated your honesty and the quality of the communication in general. You’re an outstanding guy.


Everything that comes out of Jimmy Pardo’s mouth sounds sarcastic is because he is so full of shit! I can’t believe J Dore played nice with this douchebag. Pardo is so phony and definitely NOT funny!!!

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