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Episode # 163 Lee Camp, Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank!

Comedy andEverything Else Episode #163 Lee Camp

This Week we talk about how emotional Jimmy gets when he sees peaceful college students l getting brutalized by  police officers. Police officers that are also in a union.

And he gives the UC Davis police department a phone call. Okay, maybe not the smartest move, but it makes for a dramatic show, and we get to hear the phone call!

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Lee Camp

Lee Camp, hilarious comedian and ballsy Fox News guest, talks with us about talking about stuff in your comedy act,  and what its like to call Fox News a sham while actually on Fox News.

Plus Mitt Romney calls in to explain that his $10,000 bet doesn’t mean he’s not a regular person.

And the second installment of “Rip Torn’s Hollywood Drunk Tank”!

Featuring the amazing voices of  Mike MacRae .

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I found this site via your appearance on the Todd Glass Show… great stuff. Based on this episode and the two shows prior to it, I see you have made the UC Davis pepper spray incident a hot topic on your podcast. Just to provide some background, the initial viral video — which certainly drew your ire — does not completely show what happened that day.

The short version is that hundreds of protestors surrounded the police, demanding the release of 10 of their friends who were arrested for refusing to remove their tents from the Occupy encampment. They blocked the police as officers tried to leave the quad, and a small group of people knelt on a quad path in protest. After issuing several warnings to the crowd to disperse, including specific warnings to kneeling students about the use of force, three police officers began spraying.

If you want to see more, a witness compiled this video:

You can actually see each spray victim receive warnings from Lt. Pike (the now-notorious UC Davis police officer/spray can artist) and nod their acknowledgment of what was about to happen to them.

All this said…

I still question a) whether or not pepper spray or other non-lethal means represents the best next step in these situations and b) why the police couldn’t have left at that point (right before spraying). By then, the crowd had dispersed enough to let them leave and — as you and most thinking people say — those kneeling students aren’t posing any threat. Breaking the law? Yes. Posing a threat that warrants self-defense measures? Not by then. Pepper spray seemed excessive, I don’t care what that police procedure document says.

On his show during your appearance, Todd Glass cracked that police should use seltzer water. Although speaking in jest, he does bring up a good point: I still feel like the Chancellor and the police could have avoided this entire mess AND generally cleared out the quad had they done essentially that: turned the sprinklers on for an hour or so.

Anyway, loved your appearance on the show and I somewhat morbidly enjoy the attention you continue to give my alma mater.

And now, I just might have to add another podcast to my growing list of must-listen shows.

I listened to this episode last night while walking 5 miles in the freezing rain. Jimmy, I really don’t think you were out of line on your phone call. The dude was being a complete prick to you, and your anger is just because you’re a goddamn human being. Considering the situation, I feel like you kept yourself in check quite well. I commented a bit about this on the episode of the other show when you first shared the calls, but I feel like it needs to be said again. Please don’t stop, your shows and your comedy are a big help to me when I’m trying to get these subjects into the conversation with my friends. You’ve been a huge motivator for me for discussing politics and comedy and everything. You’re the shit, Jimmy.

Also, I was really glad to hear Stef again, it seems like she hasn’t been on much lately. I hope she can pop in more often.

And last, Mark, definitely check out both shows. The Jimmy Dore Show is what The Daily Show should be, and CAEE is just hilarious and awesome.


I wonder if you might address this…

everyone focuses on the crime committed by Officer John PIke and the UC police, but the short attention media always misses the (I think) truely important part of that video. It was a terrible act yes, but the end of the video for me was one of the most empowering and hope-kindling moments in recent history for me.

If you watch all the way to the end of the video, the crowd of protestors unites. They chant the police down with the refrain “Shame on you” and the cops feel it~! they realize that they have done evil and you can see their shame. They are forced to retreat before the accusation of their victims, and when the protestors tell the cops that they are being given leave to remove themselves, they do so.

It was an inspiring moment of nonviolent triumph, and I’m sad that all anyone can talk about is the brutal crime, and not how the peaceful crowd defeated the aggressors with right and solidarity.

I listen to you because you speak up and say what others won’t. Won’t you address this on your show, and remind your listeners that Peaceful non-violent means can result in victory?

boy. don’t I feel like a dummy. Stef actually brings it up. I should have listened to the episode before my last comment.

but yeah. I wish more could be said about that empowering moment.

please do bring more attention to that ending though. It was so empowering.

and now I feel even more foolish.

I wish there were more edit functions on the internet. Forgive my redundancy and poor grammatical structures above.

Mark: I had a blast on Todds show, glad you found me here!

Zach: Glad we could make your rain soaked walk a little better!

Scott: Forgiven!