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PODCAST 03-31-17



More Stuff Happens & We Make Fun Of It!

Tulsi Gabbard has legislation to legalize pot, Keith Ellison tells progressives to “buck up,” and an FDR letter to the Democrats just as relevant today as it was when it was written.

We get phone calls from Rick Perry, George Clooney, Chris Christie and more!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Michael Tracey, Mike MacRae and Ron Placone.

Each week Jimmy Dore, Stefane Zamorano and guests get together to talk about comedy, and everything else on their minds.

If you’re new to this podcast, welcome to the party! We’ve had many interesting and well-known guests on the show, and there’s bound to be something thought-provoking in each episode.

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Hi Jimmy, this comment is about your latest member restricted program (which I saw clips of on my Roku’s YouTube app.

So, Corporate Media chose to ignore Bernie Sanders during the 2016 election cycle. And, they chose to show an empty Trump podium for an hour, instead of covering a Bernie Sanders speech.

And, facebook took down pro-Bernie facebook groups on the night of the NY Democratic Primary Debate, which was the night before the NY Primary.

And, Google may (or may not have) made sure that anti-Hillary search results didn’t show up as “suggested searches.”

And, I think there was something involving Twitter that showed anti-progressive bias, but I can’t remember.

And, the night before the California Primary, the Associated Press goes out of their way to (literally manufacture news and) declare Hillary Clinton the winner.

And now, YouTube (which is owned by Google) is de-monetizing progressive channels. I don’t know if they’re attacking ALL progressive channels or just the ones that have been critical of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

And, at least some of these same channels have also decried the GOP’s assault on Net Neutrality and Internet Privacy. Coincidence? Not sure.

Perhaps, VIMEO or some other site would like to (be highly successful) and encourage progressives to join. Or, maybe we just need to start our OWN progressive versions of these lovely companies. But, they can’t sell our information unless we opt-in.

Perhaps, progressives should do a massive Kickstarter or GoFundMe drive. I like the sound of the name “Progressive Communications.” : )

And, there may be a possible class action lawsuit here. It shouldn’t be that hard for Papantonio to prove infliction of monetary damages.

The only thing that confuses me about this whole de-monetizing situation is the way that progressive content creators were surprised by it. Was reshaping the democratic party supposed to occur unopposed? If the only information that people had available to them was the foolishness being pumped out of televisions, Hillary Clinton would be president right now.The internet in general, and youtube in particular, in Comcast’s view, stole the Clinton presidency from them. I’m guessing that they did not appreciate that. This de-monetizing of youtube videos was merely the opening salvo of what will be a massive effort to squash dissenting voices. One of the advantages of being an older guy ( there aren’t many) is that I remember what the establishment is capable of doing to protesters. If the younger folks would look into things like Kent State, Jackson State, the war on drugs, the deportation of John Lennon, etc.. it will become obvious that the establishment will proceed by any means necessary to further their own agenda, which is merely to keep the money flowing into their own pockets.Get ready, because the fight is just beginning. Expect net neutrality to go out the window, massive disinformation and slander campaigns against progressive voices, and paid trolls. And, since we no longer respect the idea of habeas corpus, particularly troublesome voices can merely be ‘disappeared’ as terrorists, something J. Edgar Hoover could only dream of.

If my life wasn’t so messed up right now I wouldn’t be listening to these podcast. I am also behind in politics so I am hating that as well. At least with your podcast I get both of those things. I get to feel better and get caught up with politics.

You are all so fucking amazing. Ron Placone is a great new addition to the podcast. He is the best 100% mutant ever. At least I am pretty sure he is 100% mutant unlike you Jimmy. Jimmy, you are only 50% mutant. Don’t worry Jimmy you are still the kutest creature. There is nothing kuter then your vibe. There is just something very special about being 100% mutant.


Your crowd is youtube as well. Youtubers are the nicest peoples. Even the creators are. I love Vidcon for that reason. I had no problem talking to anybody at Vidcon. I usually hate talking to peoples. Mainly because of my autism it would cause anxiety. At Vidcon I am completely fine talking to anybody there. It is so much fun just standing in line. You can meet some of the smartest funniest peoples that way. There was even a 16 year old making nerd jokes in line once. We both watch all of he Vlogbrother content so we were just joking about there vids. I can’t wait to meet TYT at Vidcon and actually be able to talk to them. I don’t know who else will be there. I am going to assume Wes is going. He is one of the peoples at TYT I really want to meet.

Jimmy, remember you are an agnostic now. I am an atheist and so is Dave koller. I love you. I just wish you would say agnostic because you now believe in agnosticism. It is impossible for an atheist to believe in agnosticism. If I am wrong then why do you talk about all that concept stuff and things like it.

Jimmy, everybody already knows you wear elephants.

My cell screwed up. Drafting brie is a stupid idea he will never be able to run in 2020 and win. We need to high jack the D party and use sanders to do so. The chess game can only be played between two parties when it comes to the general. It’s the D vs the R. Now what would be great us if a unknown liberal ran on the R side against trump. The thing is they need to have nothing to lose, be 35 or older, and be born in America. That’s how we win.

I am listening to the premium with Michael Tracey.

I had no idea Michael Tracey was a teabagger. That is what teabaggers believe and why they are so fucking stupid. Ron majoring in communication is kind of comical. I love Ron but I don’t see him being that good with communication (just as a whole). I find it adorable though. I love that Ron has trouble communicating. I think that has to do with his stubborn pride. Something that I love.

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