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The Jimmy Dore Show august 31, 2012

The Jimmy Dore Show August 31, 2012

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This Week:



Mitt tells birther “joke”.

Chris Hardball  actually calls Mitt Romney out for his blatant race baiting,  a truth that is   obvious to everyone except news people.  But  Chris Hardball  made the mistake of doing it in front of  Tom Brokaw, who  disagrees with him and quickly sets the  journalistic universe right again with a million dollar false equivalency.

Then we get to witness a room full of  corporate assholes “newspeople”run from the truth at full speed, and manage to  leave the viewer thinking that race baiting is somehow  a problem that both parties have to deal with. Its the Fourth Estate at is worst, with the exception of Chris Hardball, as unusual as that may be.

Ryan’sLies Debunked by FOXNEWS!

Paul Ryan gave a speech that broke records for lying and misinformation.  He was so egregious that even FOX NEWS debunked  and humiliated him.

Tells workers to “tighten their belts”.


Mike MacRae  cracks us up with a show favorite Chris Christie  phone call, and  Ron Paul calls into to explain his refusal to lend his full endorsement of Mitt Romeny and denounce his sone Rand.  Both hilarious calls written by Frank Conniff!


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WIth Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae,  

The Jimmy Dore Show 1-12-12

The Jimmy Dore Show jan 12, 2011

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This Week:

Protesters are occupying Chris Christie’s pants, they mistook them for a sausage tent. He calls in to explain.

Ron Paul clears up his racist past by calling in and saying some racist stuff.

Rick Perry calls in to reflect on the campaign and Herman Cain’s nakedness.

Tony Blankly dies and we reflect on what it means to lose a true gentleman and an important talking head who specialized in lying for money.

Reporter from  Iowa says we have a Raucous Caucus.

Rick Perry’s plan for Iraq: send troops BACK in to Iraq, at the speed of light!

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura

The Jimmy Dore Show 12-29-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 29, 2011

This week:

2011 Year in Review!

First we read from the Ron Paul newsletter! The media is SMEARING Ron Paul by accurately quoting  articles from the Ron Paul Newsletter. Have they no shame?

Chris Christie , the fattest guy in the state, tells workers to tighten their belts.  Plus he  takes a vacation during a state  snow emergency and calls us to complain about it.

Bill Oreilley doesn’t know why the tide comes in at night  and he is very, very loud about it.  He is also  outraged about our coverage of the Japan Tsunami and calls in to let us know

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ARNOLD Schwartzenegger groped a woman so hard– that IT MADE A BABY! and he calls in to respond to his love child crisis.

Democratic Strategist Pete D’Aelessnadro fills us in on the IOWA Caucuses and the crazy way to choose a candidate.

Sarah Palin talks about the real victims of the Gabby Giffords shooting- her and Glenn Beck.

Henry Phillips treats us to a song about screwing things up!

Featuring: Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Steve Rosenfield, Ben Zelevansky, Stef Zamorano

The Jimmy Dore Show 9-29-11

The Jimmy Dore Show sept 29, 2011

This Week:
  • Live report from Occupy Wall Street from Dave Reinitz
  • Gov. Rick Perry calls in to rip Gov. Chris Christie
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  • Gov. Chris Christie calls in to respond (threaten) Rick Perry
  • David Pakman explains the myth of the liberal media, among other things
  • Obama’s white half  gives a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus.
  • Pres Obama has a message for the unemployed: “Hang in there”.
  • Jim Hightower is back!

With Mike MacRae, Jim Earl, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura

The JImmy Dore Show 9-22-2011

The Jimmy Dore Show sept 22, 2011

This Week:
  • Barack Obama calls in and reads from a three year old speech.
  • Turns out it was the gays that  killed the birds and fish in Arkansas
  • Ann Coulter says teachers are useless.
  • Rick Perry, Bill Oreiley and Chris Christie call in
  • Vice Chairman of GM says workers make too much, and defends  two million dollars executive pay as “modest”.
  • Laura Ingrahm and Ann Coulter trash Sarah Palin
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With Frank Conniff, Robert Yasumura, Paul Gilmartin, Mike MaCrae

The Jimmy Dore Show July 7, 2011

The Jimmy Dore Show July 7,2011
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This Week

with Frank Conniff, Mike MaCrae, Steve Rosenfield, Paul Gilmartin