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Mitt Romney

The Jimmy Dore Show 9-21-12


The Jimmy Dore Show Sept 21, 2012


This Week:


On The Phone For Entire Show!

Mitt Romney made the only mistake you can not make in politics, he accidentally told the truth. Of course I am speaking of the infamous 47% tape where he calls half the country “victims with an entitlement mentality who won’t take responsibility for their lives”. And then it gets really bad.

We have the Republican Presidential nominee sitting in with us for the entire show and he actually answers some of our questions about all of this. Mike MacRae, AMerica’s greatest impressionist, who does the best Mitt Romney impression in the country, thrills us for the hour and tempers all my anger for Mitt Romney with well timed jokes. Big thanks to Mike MacRae!

The Forbes Magazine named the 400 wealthiest Americans in their latest edition, and Mitt Romney was not on it. He got so angry that he had Bain buy the company, fire everyone, and gave all their wives cancer.

For some reason the Sunday news talk show all love to book LIz Cheney. I can understand why she is such a good “get”, seeing that she is the daughter of a war criminal, she is more than qualified to pontificate about everything.

Bill Oreilley

Bill Oreilley calls and is a little drunk again. He is upset with our treatment of Romney and wants to straighten us out about it!

Mitt Romney caricature by DonkeyHotey

With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Mike MacRae, Robert Yasumura, Stefe Zamorano!

TJDS on TYT! ep.#7 Paul Ryan hated by Nuns, and more

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TJDS on TYT! ep. #7 Mitt Romney calls in and Swears at us.

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The Jimmy Dore Show 8-17-12


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Thats me.

This Week:

Showing us how much health care a medicare voucher will pay for in 20 year.

Paul Ryan , Paul Ryan and then Paul Ryan, later we mention Paul Ryan and then we wrap up with a little Paul Ryan talk during the Paul Ryan round table about Paul Ryan.

We also talk about Paul Ryan and  Paul Ryan's proposed Paul Ryan  budget to fix everything and screw over the poor and middle class while funneling money upward and pretending you are doing God's work, Paul Ryan. .

The Paul Ryan budget is so bad  that even the Catholics  noticed.  A group of Nuns think it is so “un-Catholic” that they organized a bus tour to spread the word.   And the Catholic Bishops side withe the Nuns!  You know, when you've lost the moral high ground to child molesters, maybe its a bad budget.Queen Ann Romney show off her shitty side/

Ann Romney decided to show-off her angry- shitty side in an interview when addressing  Mitt's tax returns. She looked like she was trying to lock down the paranoid millionaire vote. 

Speaker Boehmer calls in “Ryan not a 'Knuckle-dragger”.

Mike MacRaedelights us with phone calls from Mitt Romney and John Boehner explaining his disgust for the “Knuckel-

Rick Overton: Actor/Comedian/Writer Extraordinaire!

draggers” in the Tea Party,  two brilliant sketches written by Frank Conniff.

We are joined by two of my favorite comedians: Rick Overton,  and Cathy Ladman.

Rick Overton is also an Emmy Award winning writer and a very busy actor who most recently has been seen on NBC'  

The Office and was in my favorite movie of all time “Ground Hog Day” with Bill Murray.  

Cathy Ladman was winner of Female Comedian of the Year and most recently has been seen on

Cathy Ladman: “Comedian of the Year!”

everyones favorite  “Mad Men”.  

My thanks to both of them for adding much needed clarity & Hilarity. 

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With Frank Conniff, Steve Rosenfield, Stef Zamorano.  And thanks to Robert Yasumurafor all the GREAT JOKES!


The Jimmy Dore Show 3-23-12

The Jimmy Dore Show march 23,2012

This Week:

In the Oh My God! segment we are treated to a sound bite of fear and sexual repression from “American Family Association” radio host and Fox News contributor Sandy Rios. She is certain that if you view pornography you will eventually have sex with children. She also connects the dots between porn and the election of a certain president, can you guess which one?

Makes great joke, immediately apologizes.

Robert DiNero told a very funny joke at an Obama fundraiser that he has already apologized for. He named the wives of the presidential contenders and asked “Is AMerica really ready for a white first lady?”.  Yes that is the joke that he apologized for after Newt Gingrich was pretend offended for ALL of his wives over it.  And yes, Newt points out that Robert Di Nero’s joke is EXACTLY LIKE WHAT RUSH DID! That didn’t take long, did it?

Rick Santorum says that the “economy” is the central issue in this campaign. Yeah sure it is Rick, right

Rick Santorum

after abortion, gay marriage, contraception, pornography and all those naughty thoughts about your penis. He even said that president “favors pornographers over children”. Candy Crowley incredulously  asks him to explain that ridiculous statement and, god bless him,  he repeats it.

Larry Flynt Supports SANTORUM!

Larry Flynt calls in to support the candidacy of Rick Santorum. Yes, I was shocked too. Turns out,  It’s not that he likes Rick Santorum, its that sexual shame is the backbone of the porn industry and nobody throws around more of it than good ‘ole  Rick.

Plus phone calls from Bill Oreilley and good conversation with Ron Paul! He has been taking advantage of the media’s inattention by doing stuff you’d never expect.
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with Frank Conniff, Mike MacRae, Paul Gilmartin, Steve Rosenfield.

MItt Romney calls to explain why people hate him.

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