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Mitt Romney

“Mr. Romney says the “Very Poor” are doing Great!

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Thats right, he’s worried about the 90 to 95% of americans who are struggling, and apparently that doesn’t include the “very poor” , cuz they’re doing great!

Nope, not worried about the “very poor”,  cuz, we all know who makes out like bandits during a depression,  the poor!

But do you know who isn’t doing well and needs help? It would be the people who have more money than the “very Poor” and are sitting above the “very poor” on the economic ladder, the middle class.

Thats right, you think being “very poor” is tough?  Well try getting a better house and more money and then you will know the meaning of struggle.

At least the reporter pushed back a tinsy bit before letting his bullshit about the very poor doing swimmingly go out over the air.

Am I out of my mind, but he did just say that the people who are really hurting are not the very poor, but the people with more money and better incomes? Those are the people that are hurting, the people who are above the “very poor” on the economic ladder.  Got it.  Way to connect!!

Comedy & Everything Else # 165

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Comedy andEverything Else Episode #165

This week we find out that Todd is Gay. Yes, some of you already knew, lots of you suspected, but now it is official. And we learn that  to be friends with Todd is to be constantly surprised

Plus Jonathan Corbett the host of my favorite new podcast “Dream Tweet” sits in with us to talk about THE BACHELOR! Yes, the show we love to hate and make fun of is back and we take a look at the first episode.

It is the presidential primary season and two of the front runners made some seriously hilarious gaffs recently: Mitt Romney  who has been criticized for being a “Vulture Capitalist” and a guy that made money by destroying good paying jobs, recently proclaimed “I like being able to FIRE PEOPLE”. Well, that oughta reassure people that you are a real “regular guy”.

And religious zealot Rick Santorum is back on the ‘race baiting” trail in full force. He recently told a room full of white people that he doesn’t want to “Give blacks other peoples money”, and then he denied saying it because apparently Rick Santorum doesn’t understand how video works.

And the nicest Christian to ever gay bash in a commercial, Rick Perry, calls in to look back on the presidential campaign.

The Jimmy Dore Show 12-15-11

The Jimmy Dore Show dec 15, 2011
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This week:

Jerry Sandusky has a GREAT LAWYER, and he lets Jerry talk to us on the phone, and he lets us know he is really atrracted to boys …but not in a Sexual way, no, not in a sexual way.

Rip Torn is back with another “Hollywood Drunk Tank”! He’s  pissed off at who is getting a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame this week, and he wants Lindsey Lohann to show a little more skin

Mitt Romney calls in to fix his $10,000 bet gaffe, and let everyone know that he is regular guy who makes $10,000 bets at the drop of a hat.

Moderate Democrat says Liberals don’t know how politics work or how real change happens. We straighten her the fuck out.

TV’s Frank has a Holiday cold  and it is pissing off  Bill Oreilly , plus lots lots more!

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Robert Yasumura, Mike Macrae