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The Jimmy Dore Show podcast 8-8-14

The Jimmy Dore Show 8-8-2014


More Stuff Happened & We Make Fun Of It!

Rand runs from a real live mexican girl and Ron Paul calls into explain, Alan Dershowitz blows our mind in the worst way, Torture is excused at the top of government, John Beohner & Philip Seymor Hoffman calls in!! 


With Mike MacRae, Ben Mankiewicz, Frank Conniff, Stef Zamorano, Marc Vanlanduyt

Jimmy Dore Show podcast 4-19-13

 More Stuff Happened and We Make Fun Of IT!

The Jimmy Dore Show april 19, 2013

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Phone calls from Pres Obama,Luke Russert, Drunk Bill Oreiily, plus lots more!

WIth Mike MacRae, Frank Conniff, Jim Earl, Steve Rosenfield, Robert Yasumura, Stef Zamorano


The Jimmy Dore Show May 12, 2011

Jimmy Dore Show - May 12, 2011

This Week:

With Frank Conniff, Paul Gilmartin, Mike Macrae, Robert Yasumura