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Howard Kurtz In The Dark About Gay Closets (TJDS

Howard Kurtz and fellow ditz, Lauren Ashburn, don't understand what being in the closet means. In a video made for their website (The Daily Down Low) the two speculate that gay NBA player Jason Collins wasn't being totally truthful because he used to be engaged to a woman. Now that Jason is out of the closet, he is unlikely to marry a woman.

Comedian Jimmy Dore, political analyst Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) and Steve Rosenfield (former writer of The Daily Show) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show.


The Jimmy Dore Show on The Young Turks

I want a “Jimmy Dore Show – You did not just go there!” Tee Shirt.

More of peggy noonan’s outrage on scandles I was waiting for this clip in your show. Every time peggy noonan’s name gets mentioned this clip should be played. She is such anti-humanity shill.

Thanks for watching and calling out these horrible horrible people.

Speaking about horrible people I hate watching, here is ass hat Bill Maher getting owned by Glen Greenwald. “Religion is always the problem, except when that religion is Judaism”. I swear to god the only way this world could be any more screwed up is if we stole Switzerland and gave it to the Scientologists based on their copyrighted scriptures.

Thanks for the shows Jimmy. I’m looking forward to tonight’s podcast. How do they keep getting better?