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Its our old Boogeyman POT! (TJDS on TYT)

Marijuana has a new enemy: former marijuana user Patrick Kennedy of the alcoholic Kennedys. He believes that his teen marijuana use is what led him to his addiction to adult bullsh*t. Comedian Jimmy Dore, political analyst Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) and Steve Rosenfield (former writer of The Daily Show) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show.

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The Jimmy Dore Show on The Young Turks

I want to make a quick note to expose the religious bullshit, cannabis was known during biblical times, so was opium and some mildly hallusinogenic berries. The reason they aren’t mentioned is that they were expensive luxury products mostly used by upper classes in Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia etc.

And Ben’s point about the tobacco companies brings back memories, in 8th grade I got thrown out of health ed. because my argument that tobacco companies should switch their products from cigarettes to joints in order to reduce the negative effects of their products because I was “spreading propaganda”.