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Shamefully Brief Memorial For Troops (TJDS)

This Week with George Stephanopoulos, guest anchored by Jonathan Karl, dedicated almost 4 full seconds to the memorial segment honoring dead soldiers. That's a little over 1 second per soldier. Comedian Jimmy Dore, political analyst Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) and Steve Rosenfield (former writer of The Daily Show) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show.custom essay writing service reviews


The Jimmy Dore Show on The Young Turks

Hye Jimmy. I usually agree with just about everything you point out. So many times, you have it exactly right. But… this one here, i have to part company with you about MSNBC.
FOX (fake) NEWS is more egregious when it comes to this. They deliberately try to mislead by telling outright LIES.
But MSNBC is almost as bad. The commit endless lies of omission, especially when it comes to Pres. Obama, by covering up key facts. Also, they create phony excuses and justifications for ANYTHING anyone in the Democratic Party does… no matter how terrible!

So… on this one, you’re wrong! But I hope you keep up the good work!


Domeniq X is exactly right! I felt the same way when I first saw that clip.

Melissa Harris Perry is typical of what you find on MSNBC. (great job pointing out that pos btw, GJ!)

truth ——– … —— msnbc — cnn ——— fox

When you compare Fox to MSNBC, sure msnbc comes out on top. But compare msnbcd to the real news ( or democracy now ( you can see them for what they are, pro-government, pro-corporate and pro-war propaganda. Fuck msnbc.

The only thing to watch msnbc for is how they spin a story. The spin is the signal the rest is just noise.

Speaking of good news sources check out Corbett report:
How to Boycott Big Tech

The State is Not Great


Last night I had a few glasses of wine and wrote a very very elegant, thoughtful, well-worded and correctly spelled comment to support Domeniq X. Today I am so sad to see its missing.

In that comment I pointed out that Domeniq X is so right. Even though msnbc is much better than Fox, it is sill far from news. How could it be news with Melissa Harris-Perry, Chuck Todd, and Joe Scarborough? I deliberately added three references to what I would consider real news, (democracy now,, and Corbett Report) and continued by providing a precise point by point devastating critique of msnbc when compared to these other organizations that approach actual news.

As I recall, I also worked in a simple but devastating phrase like (but wasn’t) “There is no news on tv.” that summed up the terrible regression of the fourth estate to become nothing more than a a propagandist’s dream and a civilian nightmare. It was so beautiful that if it was still here, it would make people re-evaluate their whole model of reality.

That comment was probably the most beautiful and least racist thing I ever wrote. For everyone that did not get to read it, I morn its’ loss.