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The Jimmy Dore Show on TYT episode 5.

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In this episode we make fun of Cell Phones & Brain Cancer, George Zimmerman & Pat Zajack! with “TV’s Frank” Frank Conniff from MST3K!

The Jimmy Dore Show on The Young Turks

Is there anudio file for of to download? This link showed up in my RSS reader, but no audio file..?


Hey buddy, thanks for the show. I was looking for the video on Luke Russert. You tease it in episode 5 but I can find the video. Maybe its me, Ill keep looking.

Speaking of corporate douche-bag shills, let me bring Nick Gillespie from reason tv to your attention. The only reason they are looking for is a reason to lie for the Koch Brothers. Here’s an example on the Bill Mahur show where is he arguing for fracking.

The Luke Russert Video did not get posted due to technical reasons, but will be uploaded soon, maybe today, my apologies.

I will try and get Nick on the show, I will have a conservative on soon and maybe every show. What do you think?

Yes Jimmy!

I hate to see some of these people get any more attention, but I’m super keen on trashing their stupid harmful ideas. It’s maddening how they pretend to be honest actors. Take this nick clown. There is no way he’s going say anything bad about fracking. Yet he carries this persona that he studied the evidence and, as a reasonable person, this is the conclusion he came to. I bet this fucker spends every day searching for any kind of evidence to cloud the issue or push bullshit to support the Koch Brothers. This guy makes me think of Bill Hicks on marketing. Kill yourself already, you are a burden on humanity.

More of his bull shit on fracking (if you can stomach it).

Having someone on the show every week sounds great. Whether it be the real person, Mike MacRae, or a video. It’s just that conservatives are a pretty low hanging fruit. They get paid to lie and get promoted if they are stupid enough to believe it. That barrel is full of rotten monkeys. You cant swing a bonobo by its well used phallic without hitting a conservative saying something stupid and funny.

If you are asking my opinion, that’s good, cause I love giving it. Id like to see your talents put to the task of explaining and simplifying complex ideas. Id like to see you take the time to deconstruct some of the huge problems we are facing, explain why things are the way they are now, how they got there, and how (or if) they can be fixed.

One example is the voting system. Not only is it corrupted by electronic voting, all the new money that goes into marketing the turd and the douche bag, all the behind the scenes money that goes into bribing election officials, and that half the votes are wasted before they even leave the state (as was The Amazing Atheist’s point on The Point (the show really fuck up on that discussion)). Not only all that and more, but the system itself is not fair. Your voting system is stuck with two corrupt parties who are both pushing for the interests of banks and corporations. Why?

Here is why I think.
and here is a better way.

Not the funniest source of material, but Jimmy, this is what the world needs. The world needs an Amy Goodman of comedy. Look in the mirror buddy… it’s you! There are literally thousands of subjects like this you could explore. Deconstruct any theory from economics and you will find they are using multivariable calculus to figure out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, when they have no proof there is even a pin, let alone angels that can dance. Economists are the modern day mystics rolling bones and then whispering in the king ear; “The gods want you to go to war!!… and by the way my brother-in-law is a black smith and has great deal on swords”. Scratch the surface on anything in the finical system and you find fraud upon fraud upon of fraud.

All this stuff is important and so very very dry. This is why we need you. Dive in there, take your time, rub it on your crotch and make it funny.

Thanks Jimmy, I’m a big fucking fan!!

The war criminal David Frum

Jimmy, maybe the voting example I used is a little too abstract.

In this video you did a good job of mocking the reporting and the idea of the asking the “man on the street”.

So how about a skit where they ask some random girl that happens to have all the answers. She does the reporters job for him. Just like he hopes she would.

She explains all the dangers of cell phones. She shows that the radiation a phone is allowed to put out is based on preventing brain penetration on a 6ft line backer. Have her do a physical demonstration to compare the penetration of low level radiation radiation comparing the model the ‘safety’ standards are based on, to the average man, let alone a woman or a child.

Even though there is no increase in temperature, brain cell damage can still occur. Let her go on to explain the blood-brain barrier. As it happens, brain cells are quite sensitive to toxins, even those contained in the blood. So a blood-brain-barrier is used to prevent those toxins from getting to the brain cell. Further to that, recent studies have shown that, in the presence of cell phone radiation, more of these toxins pass through the barrier and cause damage. Overtime this can lead to cancer.

Let her point out that cells phones are constantly emitting signals to connect as the user moves between towers. So when it is carried in your pants pocket that radiation also penetrates the reproductive system.

However, cell phones are not the only source of radiation. Recently power companies have installed “smart meters” that use the same but more powerful radiation. So sitting or sleeping in your bed you could be constantly exposed. PG&E, the power company in California, says they are safe because they say these meters send a very infrequently, so the average exposure per minute is minimal. Which is not true. Each smart meter acts as a relay. So if your meter is between your neighbor and the receiving tower, each time the neighbors sends its message, your smart meter must relay that message. This is true for you neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor (not you), your neighbor’s, neighbor’s etc..

Maybe she can point out that the major benefit for these meters is that a meter reader is no longer needed. In the time of a deep recession PG&E is arguing that, them saving labor and laying people off, is a good reason for you to be exposed!!

At the end, the reporter can ask a typical follow up…

“Do you like puppies? ’cause Sheila brought her puppy into the studio today. That video is up next.”

Thanks Jimmy, I’m a big fat constipated fan that loves the show.

The war criminal David Frum

Great comments twcdFrum (imo). I couldn’t stand Nick Gillespie when he was on real time recently and I was disappointed they didn’t cut through his shit a little better. They allowed him to paint himself as the one non-partisan b/c he’s not dem or repub, they should have replied to him that he’s just a corporatist partisan (i.e. always siding with the largest corporate interest).

Just like with the fracking example you gave earlier. I don’t believe his motives are honest either. I would love Jimmy to ask Nick if he supports laws like the following that would make it very hard for doctors to come out against fracking or to link groups of cases together to fracking.

“The law compels natural gas companies to give inquiring healthcare professionals information about the chemicals used in their drilling and production processes — but only after the doctors or nurses sign a confidentiality agreement.

Some physicians complain that the law is vague and lacks specific guidelines about how they can use and share the information with patients, colleagues and public health officials, putting them at risk of violating the measure. But refusing to sign the confidentiality agreement denies them access to information that could help treat patients.”

Want to add, I personally wouldn’t like Jimmy to add conservatives to his show. I hear plenty from them enough as it is.

This isn’t about trying to suppress conservatives because they have plenty of outlets and radio shows and I read and watch enough republican talking points already. This is (to me) about not having to listen to the same junk from a show I love (Jimmy’s) as well.

Yes ugh!

I want to see Nick’s reaction to that law as well. I bet its a combination of talking over Jimmy when he asks it, ignoring the question and answering something else, saying something incredibly douchey, intentionally misinterpreting the question, or focusing on some obscure example of how the government regulation will crush domestic energy production. When, of course, the only thing domestic are lands and people that get poisoned. All the gas is sold on international markets and all the profits go to multinational corporations. Nick often argues as if this energy is a public resource. I wish, but that’s what Iraq had, and we all know what happened to them. For the most part all of the oil and gas has been sold off for pennies on the barrel, using some obscene lease agreement, long before it leaves the ground by .

I agree with what you are saying about conservatives as well. That’s exactly what I was thinking too. I know something is wrong when all my news sources all have the same story on. Even when you hear the counter points to conservative talking points, it kind of gets you stuck in a rut thinking that the answer is either A or B. When both sides are usually working off the same false premise.

So, yes Id like to see Jimmy mine his comedy gold somewhere other than the material ever so sightly contributes to so called ‘echo chamber’. On the other hand, I’d like to see him fuck that echo chamber up. At least for his fans he can (and has) stopped it dead in its tracks. That was the basis of my suggestion. I like him the to explain the details of the false premise that both side work off of.

Thanks ugh. I’m a large bellied anonymous guy on the internet that liked what you had to say.

The war criminal David Frum.

Thanks twcdFrum. I liked what you had to say too (and agree with you about Jimmy fucking that echo chamber and calling BS out).