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TJDS on TYT! ep. #7 Donald Trump greatest douchebag of all time?

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No Gun Residue Tests Done On Chavis Carter Who Committed “Suicide” While Handcuffed In A Cop Car

reminds me of no testing for explosives at 911

NIST violated the most basic of the NFPA 921 guidelines – 9/11

David: It reminds me of the lemmings that said and still say ” george bush isn’t smart enough to pull off 9-11, plus they could never keep that big of a secret”.

Yet this guy they call too incompetent to pull off anything that big was able to lie the entire nation and dupe the entire mainstream news media into going along with an ILLEGAL WAR, a fucking WAR for christ’s sake, based on easily debunked LIES and PROPAGANDA.

ANd the last 30 years of the drug war has turned America into a police state and very few policemen handle that increased power with deference, instead they routinely assault, beat, and pepper spray and kill unarmed citizens. And the “News” is nothing more than propaganda.

I hear you. My ‘buddy’ the real David Frum was among the most vocal ass hats pushing every excuse for war at the time. He’s still justifying it today. But this guy is no lemming. Most of his day, I’m sure, is spent looking for ways to spin half-truths that fit into peoples’ “Oh, my government would never do that kind of thing”, mindset.

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