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TJDS on TYT: Sen. Ted Cruz says soldiers biggest concern is ……well, you won’t believe it.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Meet the Press to tell an impassioned story of soldiers he met on duty in Afghanistan. They allegedly clasped onto his arm and earnestly asked…for -which- Republican agenda point that has nothing to do with being on a tour of duty in Afghanistan? Right. Comedian Jimmy Dore and John Iadarola (Host TYT University) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show.

The Jimmy Dore Show on The Young Turks

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Hey Jimmy,

For your show, the point, and for some of the others the mic is picking up people talking in the background. Obviously for your show there are people watching and laughing along with you, I’m not talking about those people. Along with them, you can hear someone having a conversation while you’re talking and for these other shows people are laughing out of place. Its very distracting and makes the shows seem cheap. If the people there don’t have a enough respect to stop and listen why should I?

When any of these shows are being recorded, is it not the most importing thing going on at that moment? I don’t think it is and I don’t know why that would be.

Thanks for all your hard work buddy.


ps. If your are tired of all the Hillary praise here is a more honest report of her work.
The Truthseeker: We came, we saw, he died

OP – “you can hear someone having a conversation while you’re talking”

I watched it twice, and didnt hear anything beyond the background laughter. Maybe because Im not using headphones.

There is often background chatter happening because it is shot in a working newsroom, but it is usually not distracting, and I definitely didn’t hear and background chatter on this clip. Thanks for watching!

Joe and Jimmy

This clip is not the best example because there is audience participation and maybe that’s who talking, but its clear as day (to me) just before the first clip starts.

This might be one of those things that are hard to notice but as soon as you do its as annoying as hell. I bring it up, this third and last time, because I’m a fan of this show and some of the other TYT stuff. I hope they can fix it.

I found it very distraction on the point:
Military Industrial Complex, Drones, & Torture then I came here to watch this show and noticed people laughing out of turn. The original post contains a lot of anger I brought from the point. I apologize if its off the marks. It still sounds to me, even on this clip, that some of the people in the studio are not watching the fucking show. I guess Jimmy has confirmed that when a show is being recorded in a working newsroom it is not the most important thing happening in the studio, go figure. I’m glad that Jimmy has acknowledged it as being distracting so that’s good for me. Thanks Jimmy.

However, let me bring up one more example, because I found it very disrespectful. On TYT’s first hour with David Sirota, I think it was Friday’s show Feb 1 2013 (I cant find the full clip, sorry no direct example), at one point in that show David was taking the time to explain a very serious subject (and many were discussed in that hour). It sounded like a party going on in the background. Fuck it was pissing me off. There were times on that show when you needed to be able to hear a pin drop. The message was intense and utterly ruined by laughter.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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